Dumb Ways to Die - How to embed a YouTube video into a blog (Step by step instructions)

I love this video and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should! It’s worth taking a break from work and other stuff in life to watch. If you want back your 3 minutes, leave a comment below and I will make it up to you with some tips which will save you time, over and over!

Step by step instructions on how to embed a YouTube video into a blog

  1. Go onto YouTube to the page with the video you want to embed
  2. Click “share” under the video
  3. Then click “embed”
  4. Where it says “custom size” put in the pixel width of the column of text in your blog (so it fits in nicely). For example, on my blog, it’s 470 pixels. If you need help measuring the pixel width of your blog, comment below and I will measure yours for you!
  5. Select the code that’s been generated
  6. Copy it
  7. Go to your blog post or page
  8. Make sure you are in “Text” mode – not “Visual” mode
  9. Put the cursor between the 2 paragraphs you want to position your video – or if you want to put it on thw top that’s fine too
  10. Paste what you copied
  11. Save and Publish (note, there seems to be a WordPress glitch which prevents you being able to actually preview the video. So publish you must!

Another way of extracting the embed code is by right-clicking the video screen and selecting ‘Get embed code’. Copy it and paste it into your blog under ‘Text’.

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