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My trip to Ibiza to plan our "3 Part Formula for Online Marketing Success" event

We had planned it for months. Tamsin, Alicia and I. At the end of this month, on the 30th, we are holding an event called “Your 3 Part Formula to Online Marketing Success” check out the event page here!)
An event like this would take some serious planning. Not only would we each be taking on a huge topic and distilling it down to the “must know” tips and advice – but we needed to plan logistics like timing, venue, and of course, the event theme. Anyone who runs events knows what’s involved. So, off we went to Ibiza, to work together and brainstorm ideas. Me, Tamsin and Alicia.


Tamsin, Alicia and I go way back

We have spoken at events together in several locations. Alicia and I went to Brighton together to speak about social media and blogging to Brighton business people. And we went to Lake Como to work with The Lake Como Wedding Planner. I have shared the stage with both Tamsin and Alicia at several events (most recently, Tamsin and I were both speakers at the Small Business Summer School event).
Our “Social Media – Can You Afford to Ignore It?” events have been a sell-out several times over (Yay!). But the 3 of us, while being great friends who genuinely enjoy discussing content marketing, autoresponders, retweets and social media tools at great length, have never together run an event all 3 of us.
So, this is a big deal.

We had an itinerary which we pretty much stuck to

This was an itinerary which was written in crayon at Gatwick Airport. Looking back, I realise we covered a lot of ground! Alicia knows the place well and played “host” – and made sure we all had an amazing time. We were only there for 3 days.
Here is a summary of where we went:

  • Our “offices”: Atzaro Beach Club, Cafe Sidney, Aguas de Ibiza Hotel, Polomo Cafe, Como Restaurant, and Jockey Club Salinas – all lovely places to visit, with beautiful views, wifi, music, and food!
  • Where we didn’t work: Pura Vida, Las Dalias Night Market, and Sunset Ashram – partly because it’s important to find a balance in life (music, shopping and food), and let the creative ideas sink in and “marinate” and partly because those places didn’t have wifi.
  • Where we took “selfies” In all the above places. Some of these are featured below. And it was an unforgettable trip.

Really, you need to just see these pictures to get a smidgen of a sense of what it was like.

Ibiza - 3 Part Formula - Tamsin and Alicia
Ibiza - the 3 of us - Tamsin Fox-Davies, Alicia Cowan, and Keren Lerner
Ibiza - the 3 of us - Tamsin Fox-Davies, Alicia Cowan, and Keren Lerner
Ibiza - the 3 of us - Tamsin Fox-Davies and Alicia Cowan at a hotel with wifi
My feet in Ibiza
Ibiza - Keren Lerner and Alicia Cowan
Ibiza - Alicia Cowan and Tamsin Fox-Davies
Ibiza - Keren Lerner and Alicia Cowan
Ibiza - Keren Lerner, Alicia Cowan, and Tamsin Fox-Davies
Ibiza - Keren Lerner, Alicia Cowan, and Tamsin Fox-Davies
Ibiza - Tamsin Fox-Davies and Alicia Cowan
Food and Scenery in Ibiza - it wasn't all work!
 Beautiful Sunset
Beautiful Sunset
I am going to be going back to Ibiza again for sure, and next time, I hope to be more productive. However, I don’t really know how – since I actually want to go BACK to all the places we visited again!
If you want to come along to our event, the one we cooked up in Ibiza, please visit the event page here and book yourself in! And, if you want to go to Ibiza, let us know as we can let you know where ALL the best places to go are, and then some!

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