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Superstar client Dan and the launch of Trader Training Hub

Our client Dan is so amazing I can’t stop telling people about him! And, we have just launched his new website for his new company, Trader Training Hub – so we are super proud to share it with you.

Here’s the link:

Why is Dan so amazing?

It’s not his business type – which is teaching traders to trade profitably – though I admit we love to work with unique businesses. It’s him: Forward thinking, excited for change, ready to let us guide him, willing to do his part, and appreciative of our expertise!
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Dan found us through Google and we first met Dan late last year as he was transitioning from his old company doing similar type of service, to a new start up brand. I spent a few meeting discussing how we would proceed and I could tell he had some incredible qualities.
We agreed to do the following:

  • Logo
  • Stationary
  • Business Cards
  • Website (bespoke designed, updatable with WordPress, fully responsive)
  • E-commerce functionality: People can buy courses online and view them via a password protected area, or they can book onto upcoming live courses.
  • Email newsletter design and management
  • Design for the credits/intro screen of his videos

Below is a link to a video Dan giving some valuable advice on the 10 Principles of Being A Trader (video produced by Element 26)

’10 Principles of Being A Trader’ by Trader Training Hub

A quick interview with Dan

I asked Dan to give us his side of things, and below are his answers to my questions!

Why did you decide to start TTH?

I decided that after many years working with others that our paths had shifted in different directions. I am still passionate about trading, the markets and helping others succeed in this career and it was showing that my partners at the time had lost that drive. It meant I couldn’t control my destiny, what the company did, how we pushed ahead. We started to stagnate and that drove me mad.
Pushing out on my own was scary. I’d never done that before but I felt I had to. Now I have control, we’re already growing quickly and generating quality traders making money and enjoying the whole process. We’ve grown so quickly that we need bigger offices already as we’re at capacity. When I look back to that time of knowing I had to go on my own and making the jump, TLD were truly amazing in their support and guidance. The whole time was so trying for me I truly feel I lucked out in teaming up with them. Their confidence, support and sunny characters were the exact medicine I needed.

What made you choose TLD over others?

The website I was involved in before was one of the worse experiences imaginable in terms of websites! We were utterly conned by the firm. Outrageous costing, poor usability, it couldn’t even be found by Google. Contact became impossible as phones went unanswered, design team and support seemed to be outsourced abroad which we didn’t know at the outset. I became fairly fearful in terms of starting all over again after this experience. So I basically had a very high benchmark of what I expected. My criteria were the company had to be visible, had to have an office that if things went wrong I could walk in to and they had one chance to call me back and set up a meeting within the week. Of all the companies I prospected only TLD hit all these. I was called back within the hour, had a long conversation outlining what I wanted and was booked in to meet with them that week. The rest is history.

What did you learn that you didn’t know before?

Everything! The learning curve was very steep. Due to my old firm I lacked the confidence that I could get to grips with everything that was likely to be thrown at me. I look back now and that lack of confidence is long disappeared. I have learnt a lot in terms of design, editing, blogging…. The list is vast.

What surprised you about working with us?

I can’t say I was surprised about anything really. Throughout the whole process TLD maintained the high level of expectancy that they had created with the very first meeting. I absolutely love the website. The design is fantastic, the feedback I have got from people outside of my business has been very positive. I genuinely feel proud of the site, can’t wait for everyone to see it and am constantly grateful to have worked with the team at TLD.

What’s next for you and TLD?

Well, they’re my gals now! Going forward I can see a very long and fruitful relationship maintaining itself. We’ll start with the social media aspect as I am already getting so busy that I let it slide every now and again. I know that TLD can keep me on the straight and narrow with this. I’ll no doubt lean on Keren for business advise on the number of topics that are bound to come up that I haven’t even thought of yet. I know she’ll have the answer! And if all else fails I enjoy their company and spending time with them on, so if all else fails, I’m honoured to call them my friends.

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