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"Success dropping" - how to weave your experience into your blog posts without being salesy

Success Weaving for your blog

A term I came up with, which is way better than name dropping.

This means weaving in the experience you have while giving advice in your blog posts.
In a subtle way. Not in a bragging way.
I suppose it’s an art, and takes practice.

Why not skip this and just give advice?

Sure, the temptation is to be ultra generous with your advice. And just give freely without an agenda. Isn’t that the good karma?
But by weaving in your experience, success,it does the following:

  1. Shows people you’re experienced
  2. Gives your post a unique impact no one else could have
  3. Makes you blog post so unique, it’s clear to readers you didn’t outsource it to a copywriter or ghost writer, and that you are talking from your own unique point of view.

So, to start with, your blog post can have sentences introducing the post, to give it context and at the same time. Weave in the success – subtly.
It may help you if I give you some examples, right?
So, are some I made up (which are for a consultant, a dentist, and a wedding planner.
Example sentences for a consultant

  1. In my 16 years training entrepreneurs, there is one issue which keeps cropping up again and again…
  2. Whenever I work with a new entrepreneur, they ask me this question
  3. Entrepreneurs often struggle with this – and even during the 6 years I ran my own business, would spend so many sleepless nights worrying about cashflow. It was only when I found this system that things changed for me – and it became, unbelievably, plain sailing – I couldn’t have ever expected it, because – just like you – I had…

Example for a dentist:

  1. I calculated recently that I have dealt with a total of 32,000 individual teeth. So, in other words, I have met a lot of teeth. It’s through these acquaintances that I have discovered….
  2. Most of my patients in the last 4 years of private practice come to me with one thought in mind. Their looks. And when we started to use the newer technologies in the practice – we could tell right away that the positive effects would continue.
  3. When I started my first practice, it was in the 80s and while we were at the forefront of tooth enhancing technology, it’s nothing like what we have nowadays. And I admit I love the transformations we are capable of now that we have the latest technology….

Example for a wedding planner

  1. There are a huge number of factors needed when planning a wedding, and the most importance ones amount to these 5…
  2. I love the variety of planning weddings. There are so many different takes even when we are given the same brief. For example, I had 2 brides one summer who both said they wanted “classy romantic” as their theme. But when I asked a few more questions, their answers inspired me to take 2 completely different approaches.
  3. During the last 3 years, I have planned a total of 24 weddings. And out of them, certain moments stand out – which I thought I would share…


And if I am not a wedding planner, consultant or dentist?

I would say statistically you are not. If you are, send me a tweet or an email so I know you have read this post!
And in any case, the idea is that you have experiences that no one else has. The things you have done in your career or business or both, the people you have managed or advised, the places you have presented at, the clients you have worked with and the projects you have run, all give you an perspective and insight that no one else could have. It’s the reason you can even write a blog – because you have knowledge or stories to offer.
So next thing to do is try it. And feel free to draft something and send to me to check, I would love to see what you come out with and I will happily give my thoughts! My email address is keren [at] – just mention “Success Weaving” in the subject so I can spot your email in my inbox quickly.

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