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Sales Metrics to measure

22 of the most important sales metrics

How well versed are you with the intricacies of the sales funnel? How much are you measuring properly?

I got an interesting email from Sean from Ghergich & Co, sharing this article about sales metrics co-created with Salesforce Canada. This article has three custom graphics and explains 22 different sales metrics divided into sections of the sales funnel.

For example, in the part of the sales funnel that includes negotiation and opportunities won, there are five important metrics, including revisions requested and sales cycle length.

I thought the mini-infographic and companion article was worth a skim as I continue to learn more about successful sales processes! It seems “you get what you measure!” They said I could embed the image – so here you go!

Not all sales metrics are equal in importance

Worth noting, when you’re deciding where to place your focus, it’s helpful to consider where various sales metrics fall in the sales funnel. For example, at the very top of the sales funnel, you have prospecting and qualification, which includes outbound calls and emails, cold response rates, inbound calls, and emails received, lead response time, cost per lead, and your MQL to SQL conversion rate.

Because that’s the first level of the sales funnel, if those metrics aren’t strong, it will be increasingly difficult to see the metrics you want in the following sections, like demo and proposal, negotiation and opportunities won, and, finally post-purchase and other sales metrics. To learn more about the 22 most important sales metrics for your company — and understand where each falls within the sales funnel — take a look at this helpful infographic that breaks it all down.

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