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7 types of visual content

7 types of visual content to use in your marketing campaigns

Data shows that 63% of people in the world are visual learners.

This makes visuals critical in your campaigns. According to statistics, visual ads receive 94% more views than any other content. Visual marketing captures greater attention from audiences. Once they view your ads, the impression lasts more days in their minds.

The business visuals commonly used by marketers include charts, memes, and videos. The types of visuals you choose depend on your marketing goals. Know your audience and tell them stories that resonate with them. These 7 marketing visuals can help make a difference in your campaigns.

1. Screenshots

Screenshots are best used when you want people to understand your perspective. They help youvisually explain how processes or products work. You may use them to explain step-by-step procedures. You may explain production procedures, assembling, or use cases. Screenshots are great when sharing user testimonials.

A macOS screenshot is different from a Windows, or iPhone screenshot. While you can use the PrintScreen function on Windows, we find that the Snipping Tool is a much more useful screenshot utility and it comes built-in and lets you easily take snippets rather than just the entire screen. Be sure to learn your own setup, as how to take a screenshot on a Mac is different from other operating systems. Long press the keyboard keys Shift + Command + 4 to take screenshots.

Screenshots provide a deeper meaning and understanding of topics. Their impact can be greater when you combine them with infographics and slides. The size and resolution of the screenshot also matter. The best quality should be 300 dpi and at least 1500 pixels.

2. Videos

About 90% of online traffic buys due to the influence of video ads. People remember the products they saw in video ads more. This type of content is more engaging and stirs deeper emotions. Video advertisements are dynamic and appeal more. They attract attention and drive awareness.

Many brands use videos to generate leads and attract sales. They generate revenue 49% faster than other marketing methods. Videos rank better on SEO and engage people across all demographics. They are effective at telling stories.

3. Infographics

Marketers turn texts into business visuals to create a greater impact. Infographics work hand in hand with text content. They simplify the process of reading content by making it visually appealing. These visuals are best used in situations where the data presented is complex. The different types of infographics you may create include the following.

  • List infographics
  • Statistics
  • Timeline infographics
  • Information/data
  • Process presentations
  • Maps
  • Flowcharts
  • Comparison diagrams
  • Tables

Image Credit: pexels

4.  Memes

Memes are visual marketing content intended to create humour. Meme marketing trends are growing fast and gaining popularity. Marketers use them to share something they believe is valuable to their audiences. They are often used in social media handles to keep audiences engaged.

These types of visuals are fun and not costly yet their impact is huge. Many brands used them to spread awareness. They drive conversions quickly and are powerful lead-generation tools. Marketers should create memes that resonate with audiences.

5. Slideshows

Slideshows are types of visuals that present data in the form of slides. Marketers add text and varying colours to make the slides more appealing. They are common in meetings, training, and conferences. Their popularity in marketing is gaining speed quickly.

In marketing, they are best used when introducing new products in the market.  They act as visual aids explaining useful data concerning a certain product. Audiences respond more to slideshows than text. They have a creative impact on making sales.

6.  Images and photos

Images and photos help increase engagement and purchases. When you add Images and photos to marketing content, you receive 40% more sharing. The types of images used in marketing can be professionally created photos.

You can also use pre-captured or stock photos in your marketing content. They stir emotions and user-generated content. Marketers may share product photos, production process images, or events. They promote brand image and evoke emotional responses.

7.  Live streams

Live streams are an impactful visual marketing strategy in the modern world. They provide a platform for marketers to connect directly with customers. They provide interactive content for brands. Marketers can often use them to showcase behind the scenes of their production lines.

Live marketing is critical in product demonstrations. Marketers may use them to conduct customer interviews. Live visual ads receive instant reaction and real-time engagement. They increase trust with audiences and generate more leads. They grow the level of engagement and attract higher online traffic.


Visual ads promote engagement and action from audiences. They increase awareness many more times compared to text ads. Visual marketing attracts more leads and conversions. Different types of visuals help marketers to do marketing. They include memes, screenshots, videos, and infographics. They build stronger connections with online traffic. Data shows visual ads increase brand loyalty and trust. Choose visuals that resonate with your audiences and meet your marketing goals.

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