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Winners - Top Winners 2022

Yay for us! TLD wins Top Website Award 2022

Recently we got a message from The Good Estate who announced they had some great news!

Below is what they wrote:

Dear TLD Team:

We have great news for you: You qualify for our “Top Website 2022” award!

They gave us the above badge to display, and while this could potentially be a way that we link to them, I thought – why not? We’re definitely talented enough!

A flurry of launches

To explain, here’s a roundup, featured in our last newsletter, of 5 recently launched websites!

The Flying Colour Company

The Flying Colour Company

The Flying Colour Company provides high-end VFX and post-production services to high-end broadcast drama productions and feature films – notably, Peaky Blinders and Killing Eve – but check out the beautiful “Our Work” section for more, along with the home page animation! Keren actually managed to record a rare Instagram reel showing the animation work on this site. ⁠

Joseph Jebelli

Joseph Jebelli

Our client Joseph Jebelli is a neuroscientist and published author. He wanted a website so he could feature his books and build his brand. He’s written and published 2 books, and creating his website was a fantastic process! More detail is available on our Instagram post about the project.

Tandem Property Asset Management

Tandem Property

A slightly larger site for a very successful independent specialist property business: Tandem Property Asset Management, recommended to us by our good friend Mitesh! We worked closely with them to create a standout, eye-catching design with an updated colour scheme, cool wiggly icons, and a complete team page featuring 69 people!

Alvine Capital

Alvine Capital

The third in a series of investment management websites and our latest launch! It features a cool expandable Partners area with impressive numbers, which is fully updateable by the Alvine team! And a lovely team page where they have a beautiful array of smart people who know how to manage money.

The Influential Leader Breakthrough Event

The Conflict Resolution Centre – Event landing page

We’ve known Louisa for years and recently began to work with her on a landing page for her new leadership communication course (among other projects in the mix). Louisa is really experienced, knowledgeable and highly professional, she knows how to solve tricky people issues – even those that feel the most hopeless!

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