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What were you for Halloween?

In our recent Halloween Newsletter, we ran a survey to gather some feedback on the service we are providing to our clients, and to find out what people would like us to concentrate our efforts on in the future.
The information we received was very informative – we greatly appreciate and would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the survey!
We pride ourselves on being a company that listens to it’s clients needs, and asking you questions about our services is the best way to find that out.
But it’s not all serious business here at Top Left Design – we also asked the question: What were you for Halloween?
Here is what you guys said:
1.  Dancing badly
2.  In kerwin rae’s course
3.  The sweets holder!
4.  In a bar.
5.  The same wonderful me since I don’t “do” Halloween
6.  In Lymington at a party
7.  Inside and not answering the door!
8.  Just me I am scary enough!
9.  I will be going to see Steve Reich at the royal festival hall. I have a spare ticket too if you know anyone who’s interested!
10.  A devil
11.  Giving out sweets…
12.  Tired!
13.  Very much out of place if I dress up, as our part of London doesn’t do Hallowe’en at all. But, being a bit of a goth, I’d probably be a witch of some sort.
14.  Pirate of the Low Seas
15.  The wicked witch of the west
16.  At a party
17.  A surprise
18.  Too tired to be anything… if I had the energy – rather than a 17 day old son to feed every two hours – I’d love to be a princess. There – I have it. Sleeping Beauty!
19.  Dinner at a friend’s
20.  Black cat
21.  I’m going to go as the apostrophe in Hallowe’en, just as soon as I work out what a suitably anally-retentive costume would be. And, yes, I realise that I’m a grammar and type fascist.
22.  Pooped – all my spare time is going to redecorate my new house before my father moves in with us next weekend. If I did have time for such shennanigans I’d probably dust off my old glam rock costume, even though I made the shoulder pads/breast plate so big I can’t eat or drink in it because my hands can’t reach my mouth!
23.  Ali-hipo-rhino-croca-dilli-gator
24.  At the theatre
25.  A designer 🙂
26.  Not sure yet!!
27.  Moving my M-in-L to her new house!!
28.  A pumpkin.
29.  Sleeping!
31.  N/A
32.  With my nose? A witch obviously!
33.  A witch…
34.  Myself

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