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Michael joins TLD and grows a moustache soon after

Michael joins TLD and grows a moustache soon after

The open day we held was very successful, thanks to our ad on Sugar Jobs Job Board, our chosen candidate Michael Hobson happening to apply at midnight and the fact that Keren saw his response and was awake to write back to him inviting him in for the next day’s open day. Two weeks later, after the open day, a trial day, a Thomas International PPA test, and an intense grilling interview, Michael joined the TLD Team.

He has been doing brilliantly so far, and has participated actively with us on Twitter (follow him on

Oh, and you may as well follow us too!

One thing he can do that none of us girls at TLD could do is participate in “Movember“.

Luckily our friend Alan Ogden (who runs our hosting servers) decided to use his own photo retouching skills on our faces, with impressive results.

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  1. Amy

    Thats one impressive moustache Mike!! How sad I am not to be there to experience the magic mo gro! Gro Mo Gro!!!