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The transition from where we were, where we always have been and where we are now - still helping you show the best of yourself

Ever since I started the business I have had the mission “to clean up the internet”
Now that remains and added to it is to prove that magic existed in every business. Because it does. Business is there to serve a purpose and people are there to bring that product or service to customers or clients. And we are there to make sure that message is clear, memorable and shows the best of the truth.

Cleaning up the internet

This meant replacing all those badly designed websites which people either were embarrassed about or should be with new effective websites which were well designed, easy to use, clear, effective, and quick to load and navigate.
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and beyond
Social media came on the scene and I started to offer all our clients free training. Word spread and this became a service I offered to many more people who didn’t come to us for websites.
We started incorporating WordPress as our CMS of choice a few years ago and we are now experts in bespoke, customised WordPress sites. We decided to not do any other CMS because WordPress has so many advantages and for our client base of SMEs it suited them perfectly.
Teaching skills in blogging became a part of it too – not only the technical aspects but also the strategic and content planning.
And along the way we have offered email newsletters, branding, exhibition design, brochures, stationary, PowerPoint and PDF design. All with a purpose of showcasing our clients in a way that is not only consistent and professional but also eye catching and appealing.

Now we are tying it all together.

Because it is all part of the way a business is perceived and how often they are noticed. Blogging, websites, email marketing and “touch point design” are part of content marketing which statistics show most big businesses are investing this year. We create a report called “A Whole New Kettle of Fish – What websites in 2014 should be do and have” which you can read about here. A website is still the core of your online presence – and it’s the design, visibility, updatabity, sharability of great stories and expertise that makes it all powerful.
We have a new service now called TLD Content Marketing Game Plan – where we work closely with you to help you bring our the magic in your business so it’s not a secret anymore.
If you find yourself saying “yeah but” and then “I don’t have time” “It’s not for us” or “What a load of nonsense” – send me an email (click this link) and I will send you our latest ebook for the “TLD Content Marketing Gameplan” to convince you otherwise. Or – if you agree with me and want it also send me an email (click this link instead) and I will send you a different response!
Thanks for reading my story.

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