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Why should you be content marketing?

To define this quickly – Content Marketing is basically creating unique content (written and visual) that sits on your site, blog and online profile and then can be shared on social media and via email marketing.

What websites used to be for

A website’s purpose used to be to inform people who you are in your business, what your services are, why your business exists, and how to get in touch. A truly great site would communicate directly to your audience in a way that makes them feel you really understand them. And it would never be confusing or cluttered or out of date.
At TLD we have been ensuring our websites are easy to navigate, clear, relevant.
But now there is so much more. In the last few years, almost all our sites have been designed with a blog, which is seamlessly integrated into the site. This allows our clients to update their own stories, team news, case studies and advice posts.
We want to help our clients adopt content marketing so that they keep front of mind with their audience.

By creating great, unique and relevant content you get to do all these amazing things for your business

  • Consistently remind people you exist
  • Show yourselves as experts/thought leaders
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Allow people to get to know the personality and personalities in the business
  • Attract the right customers

Our recent newsletter “A Whole Different Kettle of Fish” offered a free report – 6 things every website should be do and have. You can download it free if you like. But if you feel lazy, stay here and I will give you a bulleted list. Also free!

A website which is fit for today’s marketing expectations would need to be

  1. Responsive (that means the layout of the site automatically adjusts for mobile devices, browsers, tablets etc to be visually appealing and easy to read)
  2. Built in WordPress (our favourite CMS which allows you to easily update the site)
  3. Designed to be clean fresh visually appealing – using great use of space, typography, layout and images
  4. Include social media (links to great profiles, social media sharing, and of course, your people need to be familiar with the tools)
  5. Built with a seamlessly integrated blog (where you can write articles, embed video, embed PowerPoint  files and include images/infographics)
  6. Content Marketing ready

At TLD we help our clients with all these 6 things, and have launched a new and very exciting content marketing service which includes strategy, planning, copywriting, design, training and analytics. The output would be regular content from your team / your business, distributed via social media and on your site, and new ways to engage and listen. All because you need to be visible, seen, and relevant and show how amazing your business is!
Have I convinced you yet? Are you loving the idea of content marketing and ready to jump in with both feet? If so, get in touch and we can have a meeting to talk more. It’ll be fun, I promise!

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