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Top Left Design - Little details that matter

Since I have started working at Top Left Design, my life has changed drastically:

I drink more green tea, I got to know Buffer which is amazingly effective for social media, I changed my “vanity URL” on LinkedIn, improved my HTML skills and obviously I developed selective perception for owls.

It’s all about expectations – NOT

Doing an internship at Top Left Design is so much different to what I expected:
It’s far more exciting.
Not only that I have met a nice bunch of people, everyone is so inspiring and works incredibly hard. Even when a job turns out to be stressful or when it gets close to a deadline, someone does or says something funny to cheer everyone up. And it works.
It’s the little things that matter.

Little things at Top Left Design

There are so many little things that you can find in this office. Manners like doing a tea/coffee round for everyone instead of being selfish, sharing a sandwich, taking over someone else’s work and giving someone a little hug.

Client hug cartoon
When you first come to the studio (it’s studio 1 and don’t worry if you get lost, you’re not alone and usually someone will find you), you will realize those little details. Every corner of the office has its owl…errrm…own little detail.

Owlwalls at Top Left Design
One day, I brought my camera along and captured some of these little details.
Discover the TLD (team) love.

Nice person badge

Great little things and great people turn jobs into great work.

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