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TLD in Sofia, Bulgaria

TLD Team Trip To Bulgaria

Last week we spent a week in Sofia, Bulgaria, and set up an office in Nu Boyana Film Studios so we could work while we were there. There were 4 of us on the trip – me, Amy, Elisa and Tam.
On Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday we worked full days; other than that we did all sorts of fun and team building things.

Bulgaria is amazing – but people don’t realise it

I love visiting Sofia. I call it “The Emerald City” – as it has so much to offer!
We have a driver while there to take us around (thank you Sashko and Vlad!), groceries and food are super affordable, we stay at a hotel with the hugest rooms ever, each had our own room (with a bath and a shower!) the food is AMAZING, and we got massages at the hotel.
Our connection with Bulgaria is a long story, to do with my family’s business.
Short version: 16 years ago my father’s film company invested in a film studio, and now it’s run by my brother Yariv.
They have made hundreds of movies there, and they do everything from “script to screen”. Sets include New York, London, Middle East, and ancient Rome, and there are around 417 people working there in Bulgaria. They also have a state of the art sound studio, a cinema, and housed within the Nu Boyana studios is another whole company (around 187 people) that specialises in special effects for film.
Upon arrival, we had a huge Thanksgiving dinner with a couple of hundred people from the studio, and a great first night experience.  None of the team had really experienced a proper Thanksgiving dinner before, and we were all completely full of food and wine afterwards!
While there, we stayed at the Grand Hotel Sofia, ate, shopped, toured, walked, worked, spent time with actors who were there filming, saw snow, saw cats, spent time with various people in my family who were also there, met my brother’s new puppy “De Niro”, drank wine, and bonded.

Team highlights

We asked the TLD team to share their highlights from the trip, and top of the list for Tamlyn, Elisa and Amy was the unexpected snow we had there! Amy lives in Cape Town, South Africa and doesn’t get to experience it very often, and as it doesn’t snow too much in the UK, it was a magical experience for all of us!
Tamlyn and Elisa also loved walking around the film sets and seeing them in real life. We did a couple of set visits – they’re filming a movie there called “Unchained” and we watched Antonio Banderas run through a powerful monologue! Dinner with John Malkovich was of course a highlight for us all too – he is wise and entertaining.
The whole TLD team was very appreciative of the bonding time we had on this trip.  With Amy normally working remotely we treasure our opportunities catch up and spend a lot of time together. We had busy days and relaxing evenings, and it was made more fun by sharing it with the team. I’ve been to Bulgaria many times before and had the Emerald City experience, and I felt so proud to be able to share it with the team!
Until next time, Bulgaria!

Enjoy these pictures:

TLD in Bulgaria - Ben and Keren

Keren’s cousin Ben with Keren at the Thanksgiving dinner


TLD in Bulgaria - Tam, Amy and Elisa

Tam, Amy and Elisa in Sofia


TLD in Bulgaria - Tam, Daphne, John and Elisa

Tam, Daphne, John and Elisa after dinner in Sofia


Amy and Rory at a rooftop bar

TLD in Bulgaria – Amy and Rory


George, Amy and Keren at rooftop bar in Sofia

TLD in Bulgaria – George, Amy and Keren


TLD in Bulgaria - Amy and random stranger

Posing in front of cool graffiti, Amy and random stranger who popped into frame, it was funny at first and he then tried to kiss Amy so we walked away in haste!


TLD in Bulgaria - Tam, Amy, and Elisa

Tam, Amy, and Elisa in front of circular book library, Sofia, Bulgaria


NuBoyana Studios - New York

NuBoyana Studios – New York


TLD in Bulgaria - NuBoyana Studios

Authentic film camera at NuBoyana Studios


TLD in Bulgaria - Elisa, Amy and Tam

Elisa, Amy and Tam


TLD in Bulgaria - graffiti

Amy, Tam and Elisa in Sofia

TLD in Bulgaria - Tam and Amy

TLD in Bulgaria - Tam

Tam at NuBoyana Studios


TLD in Bulgaria - Tam and Amy

TLD in Bulgaria – Tam and Amy when we went running


TLD in Bulgaria - Amy and cat from studio

Amy and one of the cats from the studio


TLD in Bulgaria - Amy

Amy at the “hole in the wall”

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  1. Nicoletta Adda

    Ciao Keren! I’ve been to Bulgaria many times too and the last time I visited Nu Boyana which I loved! It is like a beautiful oasis outside Sofia.

  2. Tanya

    Message for Keren
    I love Sophia too! Amazing place. The food is awesome. It’s great to see you looking so well x x x