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Revolution Personal Training Studios

They applauded at every meeting!

We started working with our amazing clients Revolution last year and recently launched their fantastic new website. And throughout the months we worked together with them, to this day, we looked forward to our meetings with them as they are loud, enthusiastic and passionate – ideal clients. They appreciate us so much they applauded at the end of every meeting!

Revolution is London’s leading personal training studio.

At the time we met them they had 5 different locations – Angel, City,
Holborn, Brighton and Hove. They have since grown and added their 6th location.

Their old pre-TLD website didn’t represent them anyway near how they should have been – and we’re all really pleased with the site, a result of close collaboration between our team and theirs. 

Below is a little list of why we love this client.

Revolution is a fantastic company lead by a truly inspirational group of guys – Rob, John, Giusseppe and Saran – pictured below on Rob’s Instagram:

They have a very effective 12-week transformation programme which has helped many people, as proven by a multitude of “before/after” photos on their website and social media.

They are generous with their advice and share exercise, mindset, healthy living and meal tips regularly on their social channels.

We didn’t have to remind them much to be active on their social media!

We even got to train with them!

In addition to working on their new website, Keren and Tam got properly involved. We joined the Revolution 40 by 40 programme. This was led by Rob Grim – one of the 4 founders.

We each got to train with one of their trainers – Keren with Giuseppe and
Tam with John (Rob’s brother). We also followed the food plan and while we
wouldn’t want to detract from the fact we’re talking about their website and
marketing here, we did get some fantastic results. 

We also designed some bespoke images for them that they can use on their

I'm working on my core!
Scared of exercise?

Not only that, but Tam and Keren continue to meet weekly to do a workout in Regents Park before work – and it’s one of the highlights of our week! The Revolution effect is long lasting.

Check out their new site here, and be sure to follow Rob on Instagram he’s fantastic!
and the main Revolution Instagram

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