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How to get more followers on social media

Want some easy ways to increase your followers on social media?

People do get pretty hung up about the number of followers they have.

And sure, if you’re new on your social media channel, increasing your follower count so you move from the few hundred followers into the few thousand followers, and then beyond, you will definitely see a difference in the number of likes, shares, comments, and clicks you get.

So yeah, having more followers does increase your chances of being noticed.

However, when it comes to getting the results you’re looking for – people getting in touch because they noticed you and want to know
more/work with you/collaborate – it’s still better to have fewer “engaged” followers who actually pay attention to you than a larger number of “barely there” people. Larger numbers may have followed you but this doesn’t mean they look at your feed and really notice you.

With that in mind, here are 7 ways you can get more followers on social media

Keep your posts quality and regular: A dormant social media channel is unlikely to spark the interest of people who may accidentally come across them

Follow your clients: Import your spreadsheet to Pipl and find the social media accounts

Follow people like yourself – if they are in the same industry (and even your competitors) they are likely to follow back. Don’t be afraid of them stealing your ideas – if you’re that good and they’re that sneaky they would have found those and stolen them anyway!

Follow people who follow channels you admire: It’s a great way to select the kind of people who you’d love to have on your side.

Use smart hashtags: Instagram allows you to go quite nuts on your hashtags so think not only about your industry and services but what the characteristics of that particular posts are and add those too. On Twitter, choose 2-4 good concise hashtags, don’t over do it. On Facebook/LinkedIn use very sparingly!

Mention others in your posts: If you talk postitively about people, give them credit by tagging them if you’re sharing their blog posts and other lovely ways to draw attention to them, you’re likely to get a few of them following you.

Comment on other people’s posts: Another way to get their attention. Note: try do this authentically and intelligently – people can see through those cut and paste fake ones that are so obviously from either a bot or a cheap “get lots of followers for cheap” service.

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