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Ever wanted to attend a small but perfectly formed social media workshop with me, but were too shy to ask?

Ever wanted to attend a small but perfectly formed social media workshop with me, but were too shy to ask?

I am not bragging but I have found myself in demand a little bit lately. It’s a nice feeling. Maybe because I know lots of people, maybe because people like me, and maybe because I love what I do. I am getting more and more booked up with one to one social media training and this sends my efficiency bells ringing.
I decided to take a risk and schedule out a bit of time in my diary for small group workshops. If you want to know why I think it’s a risk, comment below and I will explain. But for now let’s get to the point about these workshops.

How do I book?

Glad you asked. There are 3 dates – 25th March, 26th March and 11th April, and you can book here:

Bring your laptop

The idea is that people can bring their laptops and try things then and there. We have free wifi in our office (pretty handy, I know) so people can just get onto that and start talking to people online straight away.

Learn Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging in one session

Not everything about those things but quite a bit really – all the main things so you know where to get started to make the most of these – even if you have limited time. They include:

  • The essentials of your online profile
  • How to make a brilliant impression online
  • Strategies for lead generation via social media
  • Do’s and don’ts of Twitter
  • Demystifying the mystery in Twitter
  • The untapped resources within LinkedIn
  • How to create a blog post in WordPress
  • How to write amazing headlines – even if you aren’t a copywriter!

But wait there’s more!

  • Because I am an experienced trainer who not only makes social media and blogging fun but has taught hundreds of people in business how to use social media effectively.
  • Free surprise refreshments!
  • Free takeaway PDF guides on how to use Twitter, how to use LinkedIn, plan content, write headlines and find your target audience on Twitter
  • Small and interactive groups – 4 people per session!
  • You can see our new offices in Soho!
  • And you will learn lots, I promise.

3 dates – 25th March, 26th March, or 11th April

Don’t forget to book, soon! Spaces are totally limited to 4 per workshop!
Book by clicking this link

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  1. Keren

    Update: The events listed above are all sold out. I created 3 more dates in April and they are also sold out, but 2nd of May still has place! And I may add more dates going forward. Very probably!