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International Women's Day, March the 8th, and "Fear of Missing Out"

Happy International Women's Day!

Ever heard of “FOMO”? Fear of missing out? Well I have had to deal with that a lot this week, as I am on holiday, and today there are all these events happening this week which I cannot be at! It’s International Women’s Day, and sometimes I like to throw myself a challenge (to prove what women can do). I have prepared this blog in just 20mins, so scuse any typos – and had to use my Iphone and an app called “TypeIt” for the image above – since I don’t have Photoshop on my laptop.
Here is what I am missing out on today:

Where I am not:

Expand Your Brand Event, London, with my friend Darshana Ubl

My friend Darshana is opening this event, and it’s run by Entrevo, a partnership lead by Daniel Priestley and Marcus Ubl. It’s an event with 12 speakrs over 2 days for SMEs to learn what the formula is for creating a super successful business with high quality services and products and impressive recurring profits – through marketing, innovation, strategic partnerships, the right mindset and all sorts of other “secret sauce”

Thrive 2013 Conference, London, with my friend Julie Hall

A full day of speakers, learning and networking held by Women Unlimited Worldwide, founded by my friend Julie Hall. This is the first year I can’t be at this annual event, and this is actually the official launch of “Women Unlimited Worldwide” (my sources tell me) and what I will be missing is a day full of inspirational female businesswomen speaking – who have incredible stories of failure and success and practical effective tips and advice which will teach and inspire the audience.

South By Southwest (SXSW), Austin, Texas, with my friends Dan McKernan and Craig Bower

An annual conference of film music and technology, which I have never attended would really love to. How could I be there next year and at Women Unlimited Worldwide conference? If they could invent that being in two places at once potion. For me the most interesting part is the “interactive” bit, which starts today and runs till the 12th  with alks from leaders in emerging technology (a lot of new stuff gets introduced at SXSW so it’s worth watching the tweets!).
My friend Dan McKernan is there with his company UMeTime and also my friend-from-Twitter and now Facebook and Instagram, Craig Bower from Design that Rocks, has a stand there!

Where I am

Skiing in Wagrain, Austria: I am on a family holiday which was booked ages ago. The weather is perfect for skiing and I have to pay attention to skiing when I am skiing so cannot do too much work thinking but I do on the lifts sit, contemplate life, and come up with ideas for my business in my head. I also do blogging in my head sometimes too!
There in spirit: I am thinking about my friends around the world at their big events, and wishing them luck and sending them good energy!
On Twitter: Luckily for me, I know how to click on a hashtag, so I cant be missing much as attendees to these events are going to be tweeting away like crazy.
The hashtags are:
So, hope you are also feeling a bit of FOMO, and we feel we are together in not being together! See you at some other inspirational event, some other time, hopefully soon. In the meantime, let’s talk on Twitter!

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  1. Craig Bower

    Thanks for the wishes of luck and good energy Keren! I hope you enjoyed skiing, the pics looked amazing but I do wish I was able to meet you in person at SXSW! Maybe next year 🙂

  2. Julie Hall

    LOL Keren… what a lot you missed 🙂 … I’m sure you had a brilliant time on holiday – next year the WU conference is on March 7th … we should make plans to fly out to SXSW on the Sat morning!