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Getting started with SEO

How to get ready for us to work on your SEO

Our SEO starter pack, which runs for a month, is a popular offering.

It’s our way to get you set up with the basics, the “potentially quick wins”, maximising brand search, and improving some brand and non-brand SEO keyword rankings ASAP. 

We work with our dedicated SEO guy, Tom to implement this, over one calendar month. It’s maybe just the beginning, or might just be used on a one-off basis, the key point of the starter pack is it works as a one-off or as a start to ongoing SEO work. Either way, at the very least it ensures some of the main pages on your site are professionally optimised for some of your landing pages’ main SEO keywords to hopefully grow organically in the future.

At the end of this period, we can deliver a revamped Google Business Profile, unless you already have this in place or it is not appropriate for your business. Some sites have Knowledge Panels instead.

We use Tom’s tried and tested approach for keyword research when possible which is via Google Search Console. This is a great starting point for selecting SEO keywords to optimise for, and assessing the SEO progress, as when this data is available, it shows SEO keywords Google is already picking up on search which could be improved and pushed onto page 1 of search results, as soon as possible.

Some clients choose Google Ads which can be set up with a spend match offer. This is currently £400 free when you spend £400 as an alternative to the SEO work starter pack when affordable.

Some clients do a 1 month SEO starter pack combined with 1 month Google Ads spend match offer. This is set up, monitored and configured over 2 months.

Some extend this timeframe to 4 months, which is the maximum length of time the Google Ads spend match offer lasts.

Staying ahead in the SEO Game 

Tom has worked with TLD for 13 years. He loves to review stats and recommend improvements. Keeping pace with the ever-evolving world of SEO thanks to excellent free tools such as google search console & Bing Webmaster tools is a pleasure as these tools can show the effect of SEO changes made onsite, relatively quickly.

Tom’s key SEO strategies 

So, what does Tom do to ensure our SEO game is top-notch? 

  • New learning when required: Sometimes SEO is not static, it can be dynamic, particularly if the search engines make big algorithmic changes to search or when new places to get information like ChatGPT and Bing Chat come along. Tom stays updated with the latest trends and changes in algorithms via online resources, videos and expert industry blog and news sites.
  • Site audits: Tom can provide SEM Rush & Moz site audits in month 1 if required, these highlight potential SEO issues and he can provide precise recommendations for improvements particularly in terms of order of importance to action things ASAP and those things which might need fixing in the future.
  • Monitoring Google search console performance, Bing webmaster tools & Analytics: Nothing speaks louder than numbers. Tom loves delving into stats to make data-driven decisions that lead to SEO success. For example we find some new clients key service pages or blog posts are not yet indexed on search, google search console enables these pages to be submitted to be indexed ASAP if the search engines like the content, this can be critical as impossible to rank if pages are not even indexed.

How we use tools to enhance SEO 

Our toolbox is an integral part of our SEO strategy. Here’s how we use them: 

Tool Usage
Google Search Console: We use this to discover search terms that align with your business when this data is available. It is based on actual keywords Google ranks for each page on your website, the obvious starting point for keywords to try and improve based on your existing landing page content. Also an invaluable source to help judge the effect of SEO changes made onsite. We have recently added Bing Webmaster Tools alongside this to see if there is any noticeable effect of things such as Bing Chat
Site Audit Tools: These help us identify and fix website SEO issues that could be affecting your site’s performance now or potentially in the future. Some SEO issues are critical in that they hinder SEO performance & need fixing urgently, whilst others could be low priority, to look at fixing in the future if required.
Analytics Tools: We utilise these to track and analyse your site’s performance, providing insights for informed strategic decisions. Analytics includes all website visitors, for some clients sites they also get organic links & mentions on other websites and social media, whilst search performance tools show activity on organic search and via google business maps listings

Remember, getting ready for us to work on your SEO means letting Tom and our tools do the hard work. With us, you’re in safe, expert hands.

How to begin

We suggest (and usually we set up for you) a dedicated email for your website’s online marketing services. We’d keep this Gmail email specifically for SEO business listing verifications and grant access to others who may need these statistics.  Using the example company name “Acme Capital” we’d do something like

Don’t have Google Analytics already on your site? To begin, we would setup a new Google account if you don’t own one (5-10mins). This requires mobile verification from someone on a  mobile phone from your website for security. The verification code has a brief validity period  –  the code expires after around 5 minutes.

Have Google Analytics setup already? If so, we’ll need your login details. We can then access this account with verification sent to your mobile phone if required and we’ll still set up a new Google account creation. There will be at least 2 text message codes from Google that you will need to forward to you.

Note: Creating a new Google account gives us the option of using Google ads credit offers, like the current one “spend £400 get £400 free”.

When done, we’ll connect your Google Analytics, Search Console, and Business accounts to this new Google account’s email. Google Search Console is a minimum requirement for our SEO work. Analytics and Business are optional. We can also grant access to any other users’ Google accounts if they would like access to these stats themselves or the ability to edit things like Google Business listing.

What do you need to send us?

You can skip this part but if you can send more information, we’ll be able to tailor our services more. We’ll need certain details about your business:

  • what do you feel your priority keywords are (Harder than it sounds, Tom will help guide you if required)
  • priority webpages or services
  • target audience
  • competitors
  • target geolocations

You can stop there – or read on for more information on what this all means!

What do these things all mean?

You may know, in which case you can stop reading now! But in case you don’t, below is a full explanation,

Priority keywords: the foundation of your SEO 

Think of keywords as the cornerstone of your SEO strategy. They’re the terms your audience uses when they’re searching for your products or services. Have a list ready of the main keywords you want us to focus on, but also be open to suggestions. After all, part of our job is to

  • Find those hidden gem keywords you might not have thought of
  • Guide you if your suggestions are inappropriate, compared to your website content. We’ll advise if text must be rewritten onsite, to try and rank better for these keywords.

Priority webpages or services: your SEO stars 

Not all web pages are created equal. Some might be more crucial to your business than others. Identify these priority pages or services for us. They’ll be the ones we’ll give extra attention to in our SEO strategy. When these pages shine, your business shines. Sometimes Tom sees potential quick wins on some pages, he can help guide this if so.

Know your audience: the key to successful SEO 

Who are you trying to reach? What problems can you solve for them? The better you can answer these questions, the better we can tailor your SEO. So, let’s have a chat about your ideal audience. It’s all about making sure your website shows up when they’re looking for you and how you might need to reword some of your content to better reach and sell to this audience.

Keep your friends close, but your competitors closer 

We don’t want to just keep up with your competition; we want to outpace them. Knowing who they are and what they’re doing well (or not so well) helps us tailor your SEO strategy. So put on your detective hat and let’s get to know your rivals. This can highlight things such as SEO link services or paid PR services competitors use and we can offer advice on how to get both if required and affordable.

Target geolocations: where are your customers? 

Are your customers local, national, or global? The geographical areas you’re targeting play a significant role in your SEO strategy. Don’t worry, no matter where your audience is, we’ve got the tools to make sure they can hopefully find you.

If you’re uncertain about all or any of the above, we can guide you based on your existing website content. In the first month, we’ll enhance your content’s SEO value with copy edits without significant changes to the main text. We’ll only add SEO keywords where suitable while maintaining readability.

Ready to start? Ideally, the project should begin on the same day as the Google account setup. We’re excited to work with you subject to our current availability!

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