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Newbies in Soho - lunch reviews!

We asked the team to each give us theri views on lunch places near our offices in Soho! This also gives you a taste on our eating habits at the moment!


In my first week at the TLD Soho office I tried lunch at Nandos, Wok to Walk and Jerk City. At Nandos I had Peri Peri chips with Peri Peri chicken wings and coleslaw. From Wok to Walk I ordered noodles with beef, prawns, broccoli and Shanghai (black beans and soya) sauce. From Jerk City I ate curry goat, plain rice and fried dumpling. The food was AMAZING at all three places! I will definitely be going to Nandos again as I’m a regular Nandino! And I absolutely love curry goat and rice so will be heading back to Jerk. I’m not too sure about Wok to Walk, the food was great but I wouldn’t eat it that often, however it would be interesting to try something new from there as they have a variety of ingredients. I must say after my first adventurous week in Soho eating lots of different food, I might have to head back to Tescos for a while as my weekly lunch budget more than doubled!


Soho is rich of its food shops, coffee shops and restaurants – making a choice isn’t easy and some might want to be adventurous. As for me I’m rather of the kind of finding one good place and stick to it! After a couple of days of exploration I found a Paul shop next street. My love for bread and patisserie brought me there and since then I buy a Rosette et fromage sandwich and a Gourmandise or Pain aux raisins almost every day! But don’t think I’m narrow minded or I don’t like to try something different – I’m just being lazy here. Also I happen to take a break to have my lunch, sit down and forget about work for around half an hour, then I can go back to my computer with a fresh mind. We sometimes enjoy meal with all the team, last week Keren bought pizzas from Soho Joe’s and it was great. Also during the big Soho power cut back in December 2011 I got some chicken wings from Nandos, to share with the team at candle lights! I’m looking forward to discover new places around for lunch in the new year.


I am trying to be healthy and save the pennies, so I usually bring the same salad every day! I know what you’re thinking, this girls adventurous! However by the end of the week my fridge is looking pretty bare so I usually get to try the delights of Soho on a Friday. To date I’ve had the chickpea hummus option at “Hummus Bros”, a “Leon” Fish finger warp and a fully loaded salad and falafel pita from “Maoz”. Yummy! Tamlyn Lunchtime has been fairly varied for me in Soho, from hummus and pita bread from Hummus Bros to good ol’ Tescos food! There are so many little shops and cafes around here that you’ll never be short of choice. Hummus Bros was mostly lovely, though the portion sizes are huge. I did find that the hummus had a slight egg after taste to it, which isn’t good if you’re a non-egg-eating person such as me! (not a choice, they just taste foul!). I would definitely go back, but try something different.. their ginger and mint lemonade sounds amazing! I’ve also tried hot chocolate and coffee at Soho Joes. Very good and it comes with a free croissant! We also had Pizza Friday here in the office and got pizzas from Soho Joes, which was great fun.


I have been doing the 108 Day Ultimate Yogi programme so its all healthy food for me. One place I keep going to is “Maoz” It’s a felafel bar where you can get Pita and felafel and then there is an amazing self serve salad bar. You pile up your salad on top of the felafel. Then you eat that, and your pita may look empty, but you get FREE REFILLS! At least this is the behaviour of most other patrons. I usually get the salad box – which is an empty Tupperware which I can fill with the salad – shredded cabbage, dill cucumber, cooked carrots, coleslaw and tehina sauce. YUM! JP
My lunch times have been way less adventurous compared to the rest of the team as its been Subway all the way, but I have been enjoying Soho Joes coffee and croissant in the mornings, find that it’s a great way to kick start my day.


Due to the fact that I am not in Soho my lunches tend to be rather boring – don’t get me wrong, Cape Town has FABULOUS food, but having to drive for it just feels like a little bit of a mission. So my lunches tend to be left over’s from the night before, or a salad and boiled egg, you know, simple things like that. Can’t wait to come visit to try out the culinary delights that Soho has to offer.

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