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Udaya Live - Tam, Gabby, Amy, Candice - August 2019

Here’s the lowdown on Udaya / Bulgaria / TLD connection

This year, Tam, Amy and Keren represented TLD at the Udaya Live Yoga and Music Festival – between 14-19 August.

Udaya Live - Keren, Amy, Tam and Lamorna

We got to hang out with many friends as well as several of Keren’s family members. 

Naturally, being the hard working team we are, we made sure we were on top of ALL client work, especially the projects and Loyalty Club tasks.

And, because of a combination of efficiency and communication, we also managed to fit in food, yoga, dancing, bonding and fun!

Afterwards, we went to Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, and spent a few more days there, working at the studio.

Lots of people may be confused about the Yoga/Bulgaria/Film Studio Connection and probably too scared or busy to ask questions. So, we’ve put together some fun facts!

  • Keren’s brother Yariv has a business called Udaya – – it’s online streaming yoga filmed at the film studio in Bulgaria.
  • The film studio is in Sofia, Bulgaria and is called NuBoyana. It is run by Keren’s brother Yariv. It’s owned by Keren’s father’s production company, Millennium Media which is based in LA.
  • Every year, many successful and well-known yoga teachers come from around the world and film content at the studio. This is put onto the website to enhance the choice of high-quality online yoga classes – all different styles of yoga.
  • Udaya Live is the yoga festival brought to you by Udaya – see – the most amazing holiday you’d ever consider going on. In beautiful surroundings in Bulgaria. This year and the last two years it has been at a lakeside resort in Riu Pravets. Next year, it will be in the mountains of Borovets – which is where it was the first year.
  • During the festival, there’s a schedule of yoga classes throughout each of the 5 days across four different stages – 3 of them outside but under cover! There are also workshops on nutrition, meditation and wellbeing.
  • Each class has a live musician: A DJ, singer, or a band – and this makes the experience even more magical!
  • Each night there are concerts by the various musicians, and then if you feel up to it, people go to the club at the resort till the early hours.

We hope this brings you peace and clarity – perhaps not to the same extent as attending UdayaLive did for us, but you can always book next year. Let us know if you want a special friends and family code. And enjoy these pictures in the meantime!

 Udaya Live - Top Left Design team - Amy, Tam and Keren - August 2019

Udaya Live - Tam, Keren's uncle, Keren's mom, Vlad - August 2019

Udaya Live - Amy, Candice, Tam, Lamorna, Keren - August 2019

Udaya Live - Aperol Spritz

Udaya Live - Amy, Keren, Tam - August 2019

Udaya Live - Maxine, Amy, Candice, Lamorna,, Tam - August 2019


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