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Helen Walker - inspirational superstar client

The Pivot: Superstar client Helen tells us what made her change direction mid-project

KEREN’S NOTE: Our lovely client Helen Walker from York Walker never ceases to amaze me.

She has the most positive attitude and energy and gets stuff done FAST. She’s not afraid to learn and try new things and this has meant she’s needed to rely on the TLD team for the most complex/designer-y/technical stuff and not the day to day social media/writing/content producing activity she now uses to great success. Also, she changed the whole nature of her business after we’d already begun building her new website! Here’s what she has to say about that and other things!

So, you came to us with one business (recruitment), and turned it into another (coaching), why the “pivot”?

I had worked in recruitment for so long and for many years I loved it. Trouble was, my passion was really in helping women improve their confidence and build strong healthy mindsets.I had been coaching alongside recruitment for years but I had never turned it into a full-time business. It was a combination of working with an awesome coach and you guys at TLD that gave me the push to actually do what I loved full time. Writing blogs about confidence, mindset and self-belief made me realise that I had to change the focus for my business. It was a tough decision, but the best one I could have made. 

(Have you even heard of the word Pivot before in business?)

No never – I just saw it as something I needed to do. It’s been so successful, I think that just shows how many women are missing out on great opportunities because they lack confidence and self-belief.

What changes did we have to make on the website we were in the middle of to reflect this?

I decided to keep the branding as we had originally agreed as I felt it reflected me and my personality. Down to earth and fun while at the same time creating transformation. Of course, I needed to re-write the content as my messaging and audience were now completely different. This was actually a great exercise as it helped me really tailor my message to who I wanted to work with – awesome women who had lost their spark and their confidence!

What did you learn from us?

I learned SO much. It was my first step into online marketing and story telling. I have never been a pushy, in your face salesperson, so blogging, telling my story and talking of how I had transformed the lives of women and their confidence was a perfect way to tell people about my coaching, raise my profile and market my business. I learned about demonstrating my value and my success through blogs and sharing content on social media without that in your face, buy my stuff kind of way. For me, the relationship I have with my clients is key to the success of coaching, my style isn’t right for everyone and not everyone is ready for coaching, you guys taught me all about getting my message right and keeping in touch with future clients, so they would know where to go when they needed that coaching support.

It’s so important for my clients to know they can trust me as we often talk about personal and sensitive issues, social marketing was key for me to do this. Sharing my own transformation, my issues and struggles with confidence and self-belief, helped my clients relate to me more. Often women want to work with a coach who knows first hand what they are going through. I could do all of this really effectively via my blogs and newsletters, all of which TLD taught me (I’ve never forgotten how much you helped me)

What do you do yourself now that you didn’t do before?

I create all of my own marketing material from what I learned at TLD. As I am getting busier and my business is growing even further, I know that I will need to outsource this, but right now, I am keeping hold of it as I love the creative side of my business. I love writing and designing my social media posts using CANVA, and the next thing I will be trying for these is Milanote, as Keren just told me about it!

I also update my website using WordPress and TLD designed my site so even the most untechnical person like me can manage it and update it. 

The guys at TLD are pretty amazing, every time I have a problem or I don’t know how to do something, they are ALWAYS there to help me – they have been an amazing support and this is just what I needed in the early days of starting my business. 

What tools do you use to help you (that we introduced you to)

CANVA – I love it, it’s changed my life! 

Buffer – a game changed for scheduling my social media posts. I’m a mum as well as a business owner so time is not on my side, using buffer means that I can promote my business and share my content and freeing up time for my family. I don’t know what I would do without it! 

What other tools have you discovered that you think others
should know about?

wordswag – It’s an app I have on my phone which means I can create really impressive social media posts very quickly – great for when an idea pops into my head. 

What’s next for your business?

This year is such an exciting time for me and York-Walker as I am launching my first ever group coaching workshop. This is a 1-day workshop exclusively for women and will focus on building confidence, self-belief, and mindset. Three things I am super passionate about because building these transformed my own life and I want to help as many women as I can do the same. Life becomes so much easier, rewarding and fulfilling when you master your own mindset and confidence – this is when dreams start becoming reality. I am launching a series of workshops this year and women can find out more here.

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