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Helen Walker - superstar TLD client - photo by Nada Stankova

Why Helen Walker is a Superstar Client

Helen Walker is positive, energetic, and a superstar client, who has progressed so fast and far, we NEEDED to feature her.

She is shining as the face of her brand, with a true understanding and empathy for what life is really like for her audience. She has a winning combination for success – a positive mindset, thirst for learning, and ambition – so she gets stuff done FAST.

She’s not afraid to learn and try new things and over time she’s only needed to rely on the TLD team for the most complex/designer-y/technical stuff – not the day-to-day social media/writing/content producing activity she now uses to great success!

When we first worked with Helen back in 2017, she had a recruitment business “York Walker.” She specialised in the charity sector, recruiting for marketing and fundraising roles.

Her website at the time was a homemade one and didn’t reflect how she wanted to be seen.

TLD Superstar Moment Catalysts:

We designed the new branding for York Walker, including logo, colour palette, and typography.

York Walter Screenshot

We organised a photoshoot with Nada Stankova, who gives a key ingredient to transforming businesses with beautiful photos of Helen that she uses to this day.

Helen Walker - superstar TLD client - photo by Nada Stankova

We also ran a few training sessions with Helen on blogging/newsletters and she was a fast learner!

During that project, she changed the whole nature of her business after we’d already begun building her new website! In keeping with the advisory nature of her marketing messages, she was moving to career coaching, helping people with interview skills and their CVs.  We amended the design and structure, with new copy and section names, and keeping the parts of her branding and message that reflected her values and way of working – because those things are constant in a business owner!

She has continued to adapt and change over the years, designing a business that suited her and her lifestyle, as she is now a mum of two.

 She continues to be a superstar:

Helen Walker - superstar TLD client

From recruitment she moved to mindset and confidence coaching, helping female entrepreneurs discover the tools required to reprogramme their minds, allowing them to overcome impostor syndrome and remove their self-doubt, helping women through 121 coaching and via her online programme A Confident New You.  And she changed her website and marketing accordingly and she has been since managing it herself.

Keren did an interview with her in June 2020 and you can see it here on our Instagram or see below. In this snippet, she talks about how it’s been for her doing Facebook lives on her closed coaching group on a daily basis.

In ­­­July 2020, we wrote an interview with Helen on our blog. 

On November 3rd 2020, Helen launched her own weekly podcast, A Cuppa Confidence. 

Aimed at female business owners, it explores themes relating to confidence in business, especially for sales, and self-belief to achieve their goals and dreams.

Visit: to hear the episodes!

She also has a 30 Days to Success online programme designed to help female business owners overcome their money mindset block so you can start charging what your programmes and services are really worth.

Find out more details here.

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