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Improve your e-commerce shop

What are the best ways to improve the success of your eCommerce store?

If you are struggling to improve your eCommerce store, you will be forgiven for feeling a bit lost.

When you think you have tried everything and nothing works, it is tempting to give up altogether or compromise on quality. 

This would be a mistake, though, because there are plenty of ways to improve your eCommerce store. Although certain tips will require you to learn new skills, this is a worthwhile payoff for more customers and an improved ability to do your job.

With these improvements, it is best to focus on those that directly impact the most crucial elements of your business – namely, to attract visitors to your store and to convert them into paying customers.

These include using an email list to drive traffic towards your site, investing in a store design overhaul (which will make your store easier to navigate and more attractive to view), as well as learning the art of copywriting.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your eCommerce store:

Drive more traffic to your site

One of the best ways to increase the number of people who visit your eCommerce store is to create an email list. This might sound like a lot of work, but it isn’t.

You can collect the email addresses of your customers at checkout and then feed them into the email list. Once you have collected a significant number of addresses, you can start emailing them every week (or even every day) with the latest products, deals, and tips about how to get the most out of them.

It is important to provide both information and entertainment with your emails. Bombarding customers with product offers will only turn them away from your store. Instead, write stories that relate to your niche and share useful information about your products.

You could also drive traffic to your site via other means – such as PPC ads. If you need help building your eCommerce marketing strategy, reach out to a specialist. For instance, Nuanced Media offer Amazon seller consultancy, which can help you with growing your store. 

Invest in a web design overhaul

You’d expect us to say this, but often, we get vigourous or unsolicited agreement from others. At some point, you will need to invest in a better website design. As the saying go “A year from now, you’ll wish you started today”.

It is an obvious change, and yet many businesses continue to struggle with outdated and unattractive websites. And it’s getting more competitive out there.

There are several good reasons why improving the design of your website will boost the success of your store. The first is that customers don’t want to be lumbered with an ugly site that is difficult to navigate. 

Not only is it frustrating, but it hardly fills them with trust that your products will be up to scratch. 

Moreover, if a website is slow or the user experience is poor, search engine algorithms will punish you with a poor results page ranking. This means fewer people can find your site, and your sales drop.

Improve your copywriting skills

Lastly, you can improve your eCommerce site considerably with better copy. By writing catchy and engaging landing pages which are effective at persuading your customers to buy from you, your sales will skyrocket.

Furthermore, your customers will enjoy being sold to in such a smooth way. They want to feel valued and as though someone understands their desires or pain points. 

To improve the copywriting on your site, you can learn the skill of copywriting yourself or outsource it to a professional. Get in touch with us for some guidance on this as we have our own experience and different contacts.

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