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JP and Kevin on Geek Appreciation Day

Geek Appreciation Day - July 11th every year - 6 reasons we love geeks

We’re the luckiest!

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We have the best coders!

So, we surprised Kevin and JP with cupcakes and balloons today. It was a wonderous moment, but the rest of the team had been planning it for weeeks. We had labelled the day “Geek Appreciation Day” but within the office it was known as codeword “GAD” – and Kevin and JP must have heard that word flying around loads but they never noticed! Haha!
We associate geeks with lots of things – superheroes, comics, gaming, Star Wars, Star Trek, science, computers, coding. And everyone knows we need these things in our lives – they make things fun, colourful, fantastic and awesome.
Kevin and JP are our 2 coders in our Top Left Design London office. They love code, they love HTML, CSS, WordPress. Many times we have seen JP’s eyes LIGHT up (like a lightsaber) when he talks about cool WordPress plugins. And Kevin also talks about “eating code” when he is working on a build. These guys make our websites possible – and here are 6 reasons to honour our geeks:

  • They actually enjoy working on lines of code – and non geeks would never have the patience or interest to do this
  • They are problem solvers and we all know there are a LOT of problems in the world, needing to be solved.
  • Even though they aren’t the same kind of creative as the typical arty/design definition, they are SO creative and make things happen when you click, roll over, or drag. It’s genius.
  • They consistently look for and research cool things on the web – so if anyone doesn’t have time or patience
  • They create working websites out of our designs
  • They wear cool glasses
Geek Appreciation Day - cupcakes
Geek Appreciation Day - Nichaela, Aric and Chris

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  1. Alan Ogden

    Dear JP and Kevin, please come for a week with us 🙂 We will show you what geeks do 🙂