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Tom Bagdanavicius quote - Top Left Design

Q+A with our lead coder, Tom - un-edited and raw!

Here’s a completely un-edited raw and honest view from Tom, our lead coder – who has been with us since 2008! Read on for his views on Top Left Designs ways.

He and our other coder Ignas are based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Pictures from our team trip to Lithuania.

What do you think we at TLD do better than others?

I’d say human readable design and attention to detail. When you really think about it, what our audiences want, is to find that piece of information or to know our businesses better in a way that is easy, tastefully presented, and with that extra touch of attention that just make things so much more inviting. I am really happy that TLD has been using a no-nonsense approach from the early days as far as I remember, and have carried it through to these days.

What is the best part of what you do and why?

I work in the technical department mostly. Considering how things have evolved and got so much more complicated in the past years I am pretty proud for how I, and the team as well, are holding things together. In the technical department so many things can go wrong and keeping everything tight and tidy must be the best part of what I do.

A storm is inevitable. Most of the time you are just prepping a nice and tough shelter so that it could pass unnoticed. Other times, you let a few raindrops in to see where the loopholes are, or you want that perfect storm to change the way you think about things. Or, as Vincent van Gogh once said “There is peace even in the storm”…

Tom Bagdanavicius - Top Left Design

What tool have you learned recently about that you would recommend?

We don’t shy away from creating our own tools. This, I think, is also one of the strengths of the things that we do.

But if I had to pick one 3rd-party tool that I have recently come across, and that would potentially be of an interest to the audience that is reading this, it must be Photopea photo editor. Visit to try it. It’s like Photoshop, but totally free!

Tom Bagdanavicius - Top Left Design

How do you schedule your work week?

I build my work schedule daily. The reason for that is because we have a decent amount of active projects ranging from small to medium size. Our tasks management pipeline usually is pretty busy with done tasks being replaced by new tasks, older project coming back for maintenance, new projects being developed in many phases.

To cope with this variety of tasks and duties I normally put together a plan each morning by reevaluating priorities. The top priorities get addressed first all the time. We love our Loyalty Club clients and we do a lot to take good care of them. Then, I have to be efficient in sorting out those priorities and doing more in other areas as well.

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