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Characteristics of the ideal client

So many people work for “anyone who…” and forget that there are going to be some people who are in certain industries and positions, but don’t actually have the qualities that you would prefer all your clients to have. It has to do with personality, values and culture.
Not understanding who your client really is keeps you away from being able to better serve that client.
The purpose of knowing your ideal client is to ensure that all your marketing, web copy and messaging targets this specific type of customer. Of course we are all different, but creating an imaginary amalgamation of your ideal client will remind you (and the universe) what you need to be looking for, and how to attract them to.
If you don’t know your ideal client, it means you only have a vague idea of who you should be marketing to… so your marketing becomes vague and diluted.
Try to be all things to all people and you’ll end up convincing nobody!
The ideal client is also the one you enjoy working with the most. They are a pleasure to serve and a pleasure to work with!
Here is an infographic (designed by our intern Gabrielle Villaumé) to show the personality characteristics we have identified for who our ideal clients at TLD, labelling all the best things about them. Hopefully it inspires you to grab a pen and paper and make a similar list for you!

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