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Do you really need a blog? (here's 11 reasons you'll want one)

This is the part of your site which changes regularly, and is meant to.

It’s much more interesting to say on your social networks, “read my new post” (with a great headline) than “I just added a new service on my website’s services page!

Reinforce your key messages

You may have (if you’re smart) introduced key messages elsewhere in your site but by finding clever ways to blog about these things you can reinforce that you really stand by them

Show your company personality

Through your own style of writing, friendly/casual copy, team news, and stories about how you love your work and are proud of your clients and projects, you can really show off the human side of your business and your team

Educate potential clients

How many times have you heard yourself tell your potential clients the same things about how you work, what they can expect from working with you, the results other clients have had, and what makes a project run smoothly? These can all be turned into blog posts to help future clients understand.

Show your expertise

Are you an expert in something? Then show it, by writing multiple blog posts with different types of headings, different angles and different takes n the same topic. These blog posts will form a related post archive so anyone reading one might read another and another, and this will prove that you really are an expert!

Showcase your successes

When you have completed a project with a client, successsfully, you can use this as a case study. You can interview your client, or just tell the story and make sure that your client is happy with the copy before you put it live. Depending on the nature of the project and the way you put it, it can be great publicity for your client too.

Be seen as a useful resource

If you regularly write good advice related to your topic, you will become known as not only an expert in that topic, but as a generous person willing to put time into educating others for free.

Use your blog for guest blogs and interviews

If you want to get to know a contact better, you can feature them on your blog or get them to write a post. It allows for more varied content, saves time as they are doing most of the writing, and it makes them like you more because you made the effort to promote them!


When you have a blog post, there are several places in WordPress which allows you to tag and categorise the post, use keyword rich addresses. In addition – every time you add a new post to your blog, you add another page to the internet – so more chances of being found by search engines like Google.

More interesting presence on social media

By interspersing links to others content with links to your own, you can get many more pairs of eyes on your website – each blog post is bait to bring people to your site – as long as you make sure your content is excellent and your headlines are catchy.

Make the most of your newsletter

When you have a newsletter it’s better not to have too much text, but rather to have 3-6 short snippets each leading to a more detailed piece – and the detailed pieces can be on your blog.

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