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Meet our wonderful client Angela Autier-Chanot

It started with an email signature but became so much more!

We love connecting with friends of friends! A friend of Keren’s, Charlie, who is a film producer, recommended TLD to his friend Angela Autier-Chanot, a French lawyer based in New York. She initially wanted an email signature, and after speaking, we planned and completed several wonderful projects with her – including her LinkedIn profile and new branding for her firm IBLS Group!

Angela is open-minded, intelligent, thoughtful, and clear with her feedback – a superstar client! We asked her some questions about her experience – interview below!

Why were you searching for our services?

After (a couple) of disappointments and (a lot) of wasted money with unprofessional designers, I was desperate to find competent professionals. I first reached out to TLD for assistance with building my email’s signature. I was so satisfied with the result that I decided to entrust TLD with the design of my logo and a couple of other materials, including letterhead and business cards.

What would you say you learned?

I learned that very often, it turns out that “the simpler the better”. I also learned, thanks to Keren’s wise advice, how to better market myself on LinkedIn (very useful tips to improve my online profile). The way you market yourself or your business is so much more than just conveying an image, it is about sharing who you are, your story, your values. TLD has done such an incredible job bringing out my law firm’s identity.

What surprised you about working with us?

What surprised me the most is TLD’s ability to always meet my expectations and to even suggest ideas I might not have thought of. They always go above and beyond for their clients.

Very often, I did not even know myself the result I wanted to get, but they always helped me figure out what would work best by suggesting a couple of different and (all awesome!) options.

IBLS LinkedIn banner, designed by Amy

How are we different from others you’ve worked with?

TLD’s team is very knowledgeable. I could tell right away that you were different and that you knew what you were talking about. Keren and Amy are highly professional, talented, smart and kind. TLD’s team is also very flexible which was a great plus: I live in NY (and since the coronavirus pandemic had to juggle childcare and work from home) and the jetlag is often a challenge, but Keren always made sure to make herself available to accommodate my schedule.

What do you think about Amy’s working style?

I just love Amy’s workstyle. She is very creative and always comes up with interesting suggestions. She is definitely talented and, above all, you can tell that she loves her job. That makes all the difference!

What do you think about the designs?

I am very satisfied with the designs. I had a hard time sticking to just one design when I had to choose between the different options. Amy and Keren were kind enough to let me use all the designed LinkedIn banners (although I only paid for one), which was a great relief because I honestly could not pick just one.

What have others been saying since you’ve shown them the new work?

My contacts keep telling me that my new email signature and logo looks so much better and more professional. That is exactly the kind of feedback I was seeking (and hoping for).

What opportunities could you say you have gotten as a result of our work?

With a more professional image, TLD has helped me gain visibility, credibility and, therefore, new business opportunities. With the coronavirus outbreak, pretty much everything has gone virtual and, now more than ever, building a strong and professional online presence is critical to thrive in this “world afterwards”.

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