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Launch of the Thanks and Recognition website

At the beginning of January we launched our very first website of 2012 for Thanks and Recognition.

Thanks and Recognition help to create an environment of trust where people feel empowered to thank one another for good deeds they have done in the day.  It works very simply, if somebody does something that you value and want to recognise, you send an email thanking them for what they have done. Thanks and Recognition can then calculate how many times you say thank you in a period of time. There’s lot of theory around the subject and you can find out more on their website.

Shiny new hairdresser website for Kell Skött Haircare – a website with personality

We are proud to announce the launch of the gorgeous Kell Skött Haircare website! Kell Skött Haircare are a leading West London hairdresser, who have a reputation for creating a friendly community atmosphere, whilst still delivering a highly professional, quality service. Kell Skött Haircare needed a website that would represent it’s brand identity: warm, yet professional.

Should we have professional photography in our website?


Having good quality images on your site can set you apart from your competitors in a big way. Have you ever been to a website and thought “those pictures are awful”? How did that affect your impressions of the company? I’d be willing to bet that your perception of the company went down some – the quality of your content is directly linked to how your visitors perceive the overall quality of your company.

When it comes to making websites look good, there are a plethora of ways to set a design apart from the rest, without needing to delve into the pit of cliché doom.

A strong design does not need gimmicks, just as it does not need uninspired generic content. The tricky part is finding the balance!

Here are some common culprits, steer clear of these or you might end giving people a migrane – or worse – they might steer clear of your site completely…

4 steps to make a custom 404 error page

Welcome to my first tutorial!

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to make your very own custom 404 error page!

Time needed: 30 mins + any time spent designing the page itself
Necessary resources: Notepad, Site FTP access, coffee
Optional programs: Photoshop/Illustrator (for design of the page), FTP Client (for easier uploading)

A custom 404 page is not only a way to expand accessibility on your website, but it also shows that you (or your company) has attention to detail, and can be a way to inject some humour into a website!

Today we uploaded our new header to our Improve Your Presence Online Blog.

As you can see it’s based on a doodle design. It sparked off a conversation at our staff meeting. I said doodle but I was eating corn on the cob at the time. So, Anine thought I said “noodle”. I said “doodle” and she said “noodle?” and I said “doodle”. Then Amy said – “doodle”!

Then we talked about how people doodle when they want to be doing something else.

Then Amy reminisced how at school they would stick noodles onto paper for collage art.
It was a “noodle doodle”.

Anine then pointed out the “nowadays you can Google a noodle doodle!”

In any case – we would love your opinion on the doodle theme – should we create oodles of doodles?