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Aric and JP working on the Aspire Leadership website together - the chameleon is a clue - get it - responsive?

Our first responsive website - Aspire Leadership!

We are very proud to announce the launch of our first completely bespoke designed responsive site – Aspire Leadership!

Responsive design is a way of designing and building websites so that on each type of device, it shows up differently because the width of the screen and the nature of the device. Images can resize and navigation links can reposition themselves accordingly. It takes a lot of planning and thought to create one of these sites, but it was really a fun project for Aric and JP. See the pictures below for a bit of “spot the difference”.
Our clients, Bronia and Liz, were also a joy to work with. You can follow Liz on Twitter here and Bronia on Twitter here.
We asked JP what his thoughts were on building this site. He said “There were days when I lost a lot of hair, days when I thought I had finnally bitten off more than I can chew. Everything I do is challenging, if it wasn’t challenging i would do something else, but building a responsive website like Aspire Leadership gave me more challenges than I expected. The challanges that I enjoyed the most were the ones that made me want to pull out my last hair, and just before I pull it out I get this ahh haa moment, the moment when it all just clicks. That is the reason why I like to code, being able rise above and finding solutions to where you thought there was no solution. And in the end it all just works”.
Aspire Leadership website - ipad
Aspire Leadership website - iphone
Aspire Leadership website - apple touch icon
Aspire Leadership website - apple touch icon
Aspire Leadership website - on an Ipad
Aspire Leadership website - on an Iphone

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