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November Secret Offer Extravaganza

So you happened to fall upon this secret blog post! Well done!
It’s packed with offers and we are taking the offers down after 2 weeks so read carefully. It applies to you if:

  1. You are responsible for marketing your business
  2. You have been thinking you need help in your design or marketing
  3. You have held back because of one of the 8 fears of marketing

If you are new to the TLD experience – welcome! We are a design agency based in Soho and we have been around 12 years and we love helping companies show the best of themselves. We do branding, digital and print, and we are super talented. Not bragging, just telling the truth.

Why are we doing these offers?

  1. We are looking to build our portfolio with mobile friendly sites and infographics and illustrations and branding. We do these things well but most of the world sees us as “just website designers”. But we are more!
  2. Tamlyn (our creative director) is running the London marathon for cats and dogs and we really want to help her meet her ambitious but still possible fundraising goal
  3. We are an amazing team and we love to be challenged! And we want to meet you. Yes, you!

Ok give me the offers already!

I love your enthusiasm! I am excited too. Here you go – starting with Flo, Tamlyn’s cat.

Offer 1: Marketing Strategy Planning Session

This is a special session with me. I do these for £197 normally, but if you book with me within the next 2 weeks, you get a full hour and a half with me for £40 donation to Tamlyn’s marathon running campaign for Battersea Cats and Dogs home. Hence the picture of Flo above!

Offer 2: Design concepts!

Looking for changes to your website but not sure what/why/where to start? You’re in luck. We are amazing at design. The initial design concept can show you options for your new website look and feel. You can then take them off to someone or get the rest of the site designed and built by us! Totally up to you.

How it works

  1. We ask you questions and develop a brief
  2. We show you designs in a face to face meeting
  3. We offer a money back guarantee because we are so confident in our work
  4. You are so impressed and feel lucky you found us. We feel the same about you!

Get in touch if you want more info. Cost is £600+VAT by the way – normally at least £1200.

Offer 3: Mobile website

We have a challenge where we believe we can create an amazing 3 page mobile site in 3 days.
We have done responsive sites before – see below – and this option is different (hence the ability to do a deal on it). A mobile friendly site is a separate site – and we can create a 6 page mobile site for you for£1200+VAT (and £40 for the Tamlyn’s marathon cause). Normally this work would be £1800+VAT.

Aspire Leadership
Aspire Leadership website - on an Iphone

Read this bit carefully.

How do you get one of these offers? Simply email us with the words “Secret Offer Extravaganza” in your subject. We will then take all your questions and then you can come meet us.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Some examples of our work (screenshots)

Yoga Warrior 365
Plexus Parallax website
Aurora Group
Legacy Infographic

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