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Dinosaurs in Spaceships - a TLD special offer

Are you heading for extinction?

Do you want to bring yourself out of the Jurassic Age and into the Space Age? And, do you want one of our superduper sites but you also feel you deserve a special offer?
Following our previous post – Are you heading for extinction? Don’t be left behind like the dinosaurs!
Is this you?

  1. You don’t ever win anything
  2. You aren’t fast enough at reacting to offers
  3. You love your business
  4. You want to have a website you can be truly proud of
  5. You feel that you are ready to jump both feet into the world of blogging and social media, but you want someone by your side, holding your hand
  6. You want your new website launched by mid July 2012
  7. You have checked what’s included in our “Bestseller Sites” description and feel “that’s perfect for me!”
  8. You want to come in and meet with us in the next 2-3 weeks to get started.

That’s where we come in!

Our team at TLD want to work on projects with clients like you!
So we are doing a special offer – a full £800 pounds off our usual “bestseller sites” price – offer open to the first 8 people who get in touch this month (we like the number 8 – and there are 8 ways we improve your presence online)
If you are interested – just get in touch – email us and with the words “Pick me – Pick me!” in the subject and we can give you a quote from there.

What’s in our bestseller sites?

A beautiful website which reflects who you are

  • A meeting in advance to find out all about you and your business, your aims and goals – and how we can make that shine through your new website.
  • We also help you name your navigation links and structure your site – if you need us to
  • Designs that make you stand out – eye catching, easy to navigate.
  • 3 different initial homepage designs and up to 4 sets of changes after feedback
  • Designs for each type of inner page – and we only build the site when you are 100% happy with the way it looks
  • We build the site (up to 20 pages) and make sure it works on all main browsers and mobile devices – so everyone can see it.
  • Moving all the best bits of your existing site so you don’t lose anything you’ve already created.
  • Formatting the text on your new site so every detail is taken care of

The tools and training to easily update it

  • Setting up your “thought leadership” blog, making it look designed for your brand and holding your hand through how to make the most of updating it to establish your awesomeness online
  • Training on how to update the blog within WordPress
  • Training on how to write great headlines and plan your content

Social media and search engine support to get in front of the people who matter

  • Social media training – specially for you and your business – it’s an important skill to learn for any business and it can come as naturally as breathing!
  • Integration of Google Analytics so you can login and see everything that’s going on.

But wait – there’s more!

We also have a few bonuses which we want to generously add (I know, could it get any better?):

  • If you need, we will design you a business card, to go with your new website so we make sure you have all aspects of you looking shiny and new.
  • After 2 or 3 months of launching the site we will have a meeting with you to see how we can strategise your ongoing marketing and give you extra tips
  • We will design you a Twitter background/Facebook Timeline cover to make your online profiles amazing too.

So, what are you waiting for Be one of the first 8 and get in touch!

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