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If pictures are worth 1000 words, then surely adding words makes them worth even more?

This post was written by my cousin, Gabriella Sholk! Enjoy!

We all love Instragram, Hipstamatic, Eyem and basically any photo app that allows us to add a filter, turning our dull food pics & awkward selfies into perfectly lit, well composed photographic masterpieces.

What if you want to take things a step further?
What if you want to add text to your already amazing photos?

Well, luckily there are a few apps for that!


Super easy to use, Overgram allows you to add a beautiful selection of typography over your Insragram photos (it literally does what it says on the box).

Using this app does not require much thinking (which is great ) but because of its wonderfully simple interface, there are some features that are missing.


Photno is a slightly more advanced photo editing app. It allows you to change the text size, gradient, shadow and spacing. My favorite feature is the ability to rotate and align text freely.

Skitch (Mac) or Skitch (iOS)

Skitch is a cute little app (that is brought to you by Evernote) which focuses on productivity rather than prettyness. Use this app to quickly mark up images, maps with arrows, text or ‘drawing’.


Create beautiful calligraphy overlays on your favourite pictures or gorgeous backgrounds and share words or phrases on your trusty old favourite – Instagram.

Type It

This app flips the 1000 words phrase on its head and turns 1000 words into a picture. Turn photos that you love into beautiful arty text in seconds.

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