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Lithuania Team Picture

One of our favorite perks of working as an international team is getting to travel and visit each other. On the 27th of June, Amy, Tamlyn and I headed to Vilnius, Lithuania to visit and spend time with our two ultra-talented and wonderful coders – Tom and Domas.

New Insights from an Evening at Pentagram

Written by Annemarie Meyers

As a curious and passionate design student, with an itch for traveling and learning about new cultures, working and living abroad has always been a dream of mine. I am so thankful that with the help of Top Left Design, I’ve been able to make this a reality.

As you probably know by now, the GDPR D-Day of 25th May is the beginning of the new regulations, and it’s unlikely that there are GDPR Swat teams ready to break down your door and demand to see if you’ve shredded the CVs you’ve received, deleted spreashseets,  or updated your Privacy Policy. To help with reassuring you further that the world isn’t going to end but don’t be an ostrich either, here are our 6 Post GDPR considerations!