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A-Z of logos designed by Top Left Design

A-Z of logos designed by Top Left Design

When designing a logo we always think carefully about the company values and how we can use colour, typography and imagery to reflect the company and the services they provide.
Here is an A-Z selection of  our logos from our forever advancing logo collection!
Make sure you look carefully at all of our logos… right to the bottom of the page… We hope you like them!

A-Z of Logos
Yes, we know we haven’t designed logos for all of the letters of the alphabet – no prize for pointing that out, but well done if you looked carefully enough to notice!
However if you do want a prize…

*20% off a logo design PLUS a free mini branding guide – to be precise!

All you need to qualify is a company name which begins with one of our missing letters. Be quick because this offer is only open to three lucky people – one person per letter which is missing above!
Why not make it your lucky day and get typing! Email team@topleftdesign with the subject line:


*A specific quote outlining what is included in the logo design service and the cost of the service will be sent after receiving the branding questionnaire back from you and having spoke to you about your specific requirement. We will send you the branding questionnaire if you are lucky enough to be a winner! Offer expires at the end of August 2013!

Good luck!

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