The true importance of subheadings in your blog posts

July 5th, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

Never underestimate the importance of well written subheadings in your blog posts

Your headlines may be catchy. Your writing may be amazing. Well crafted words, punchy sentences, and amazing insight into the minds of your reader.  But if your blog is longer than 150 words,  you need to add subheadings – or build them in as you go!

Big blocks of text can feel like a chore to read

People have so much media coming their way that they have to process quickly – they tend to put aside for later anything that will take them more than 30 seconds to process.

The solution: Break up your text with subheadings and bullets

Copy in a blog shouldn’t go more than 2 paragraphs without something to break it up. This can be an image, a bulleted list, an outtake, or a subheading.

One ultra important further tip: Use subheadings that have meaning Read the rest of this entry »

Come work with us at TLD! But in your own office! (Soho office space for rent)

June 25th, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

TLD - Soho office to rent

This just in! We rent out the smaller office (big enough for 4 people) in our big office – and from mid July it will be available

Up till now, we have been renting that room out and our tenant is moving on. So, it’s available to rent!

A strategic fit?

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How Snowbizz transformed their marketing – after only a few sessions of digital marketing and social media training!

June 4th, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

Wendy and Elodie -from Snowbizz

I love a success story – don’t you?

One such is the lovely Snowbizz – a family ski resort. Mum and daughter Wendy and Elodie came for 5 sessions with me – and as a result, completely transformed their marketing. Yay! I asked Wendy to write me a little bit about how the experience was for her, after our initial sessions. So most of this was written by Wendy – except for the questions! Below is Wendy’s wonderful Q+A interview:

For Keren – Thank you for inspiring us and showing us how to share the magic!

What made you decide to work with me?

We needed a Blog, but were clueless where to start. A trusted friend was having her website reinvented by you, and she invited me along to one of your presentations to meet, as she put it, the ‘Guru of Blogging’.

The moment I met you I knew you would click with Elodie. She’d come into the family business three years before, and had taken over recruitment and training from me. Naturally she also took on all the social media things too. She’s got the perfect dry sense of humour, but needed help to take this to a different level. I saw you as the big sister mentor figure.

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An A-Z presentation about networking

May 29th, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

I love Slideshare – what a great resource for learning and inspiration.
I particularly enjoyed this guide to networking, from Jan Koenig made out of tips from business books. Have a look below – hope you like it too!

Want to improve your productivity? This will help – for super entrepreneurs!

May 19th, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

Organised and Simple - Story

Patty Cruz Fouchard from Organised & Simple is a professional organiser and efficiency expert for homes and offices. Some folks don’t even realise that people like this exist! But they do!

We worked on a really great little project with her – an infographic PDF – which shows you how to be a “Super Entrepreneur” and work really efficiently.

You can see a little snapshot our design below.

Organised & Simple - Productivity PDF - Super Entrepreneur

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Why you need to stop ignoring Google Plus.

May 9th, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

Google Plus - Time to stop ignoring it

Google Plus may be “the last frontier”. Something you have ignored or tried to, but is also the elephant in the room, making you feel a little bit guilty that you are missing out, or resentful that it’s another thing to keep up with.

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Top Left Design in Italy!

May 5th, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

TLD in Lake Garda - the team

At the end of April, I took the team to Salo, Lake Garda, for a four day team building trip. It was amazing and just what we all needed!

This is us on the plane – with our “London” faces” Read the rest of this entry »

Reputation Management: 8 ways to enhance your online personal brand

April 22nd, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

8 ways to enhance your online personal brand

We judge others online – so it’s fair to assume others are judging us online. And so often, when you Google a person, you find a lot of information about them that is probably not the full story. But yet, you must admit – you have made assumptions on people based on what you discover online about them. If this is true – then perhaps you need to do an online audit? Here are 8 ways to manage your online personal brand. Read the rest of this entry »

Our amazing design process!

April 16th, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

Our amazing design process - now revealed

We’ve been around the block a few times, and created websites now for hundreds of clients. And we pride ourselves in amazing high quality designs. Each client is different and has different audiences and needs.

So, our aim with design

We want to ensure that clients are happy with their websites (that’s how they will be proud enough to share their site with people).

We also know that to be effective, a website needs to be in line with what the audience wants to see.

In addition, there are general rules we follow to ensure our websites are super easy to navigate, clear, quick to load, and easy to update.

Our design process is explained in this Slideshare presentation below.

New York, Rome, Greece, Sofia – A website for a film studio in Bulgaria

April 13th, 2014

Posted by Keren Lerner

The amazing story of this project starts with Nu Image, a California-based production studio (founded 1992) owned by my dad, Avi Lerner, his brother (my uncle) Danny Lerner, Trevor Short and Danny Dimbort.

Most of the films produced by Nu Image and the sister company Millenium Films are action movies, such as Rambo IV, The Expendables and Olympus Has Fallen.

Nu Image had already produced more than 60 full feature films in Bulgaria before they bought the Boyana Film Studio in 2005 and renamed it Nu Boyana. Read the rest of this entry »