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5 Rules of Typography

Typography surrounds us everyday and most of us aren’t even aware of the impact it makes. We see things written, words grab our attention, we’re swayed into thinking and feeling certain things and we don’t stop to think why.

So maybe it’s time to sit up and take note of these little letters that make such an impact on our every day lives. Here are 5 rules of typography that might make you start to look at things in a different light and realise that no well designed type is ever an accident.

Kerning is key

Kerning is the space that occurs between letters in a word. Most people assume that this is automatically done within editing programs but the truth is that a lot of fonts don’t have great kerning. If the spacing looks wrong to you it probably is. Trust your instincts and fix it by manually adjusting the spacing. It’s time consuming but it can be the difference between a good design and a great design.

Meet Stanley Silver - debt collector

I met Stanley Silver through BNI where we went to the same group for 6 years. In the past, there have been unfortunate occurrences where we have had to use his services, with successful results. I thought it might be interesting to you readers to know a bit about life from a debt collector’s perspective!

Here is his interview – enjoy!


How do I get more people to read my posts on LinkedIn?

I have been working with a lot of clients recently helping them to get into the habit of blogging using  LinkedIn’s “Pulse” blogging feature, which I really love. The interface is great, it’s mobile friendly and therefore easy to read on your smartphone, and the people you are connected with on LinkedIn are theoretically, your closest network (personally I only connect with people who I have met – or by rare exception – corresponded with).

One of my clients who is publishing like crazy (and already has had some incoming enquiries as a result) asked me a very good question

“How do I get more people to see my post on LinkedIn?

My answer – keep reading!

Pros and Cons of Big vs Small clients

[written by Elisa Woolley]

You can’t really say that big clients are better than small clients or vice versa. Everyone is an individual and so are our clients.

We have a huge variety of clients here at TLD and that’s what makes our jobs so fun, varied and interesting. To define, when we say small we mean businesses which are run by one person, maybe 2, up to a team of approx 5 or 6. Big, for us is 10-100 staff, and 1 million + turnover. And believe me, there are exceptions to the below.

Let’s explore the pros and cons now:

Pros of bigger clients

  • They have bigger budgets, which means they can pay for more extensive sites and other marketing services
  • As they are a bigger organisation, there would be set systems in place and more organised
  • The cash influx from their invoices can create lots of opportunities for a small business – which means more for the client!
  • If the client is a big name it is great for the portfolio to attract more clients
  • Big name clients can boost the morale of the staff and create and happier working environment
  • Bigger projects are a great challenge for the company and team!!

Cons of bigger clients

  • There can sometime be more accounting issues, they would have a system where invoices would have to go through and can sometimes delay them being paid.
  • There could also be delays in the design side as the person you are discussing the project with May not have the authority to have the final say, they may have to relay the information above them and wait for approval.
  • The project management may be more complicated
  • if there are disputes, unpaid invoices hurt the company more. Especially if you have done a lot of work and spent many hours on the project.
  • If it’s a big project and the company doesn’t have to capacity to do all the work, there may be a need to hire subcontractors. You have to be careful that these costs don’t out way the actual quote to the client!!
  • Stress levels in the office may be higher, with the pressure of a big project it could cause things to go wrong and mistakes to be made
  • As the client is paying more money they may expect more from us which can also be stressful!
  • If the project is taking a long time to complete it can get monotonous as things are being changed up!

Pros of smaller clients

  • We have one to one contact with the client and can build great relationships, even friendships!
  • We are relied on more which can be great for the ego!
  • We get to know them and what they like so their website or branding can be tailored specifically to them and more personalised.
  • Small projects means we have a variety of jobs going on at once. Variety is the spice of life!!
  • They are really appreciative and some have been known to bring in cakes!! Yummmm

Pros of bigger clients

  • They have a smaller budget so you could be limited in what you can provide and the job will be smaller
  • Unfortunately they could run out of money so the project has to come to a halt. This is sad when this happens!
  • They may also be price driven,
  • They might not necessarily be looking for quality

So, as I said at the beginning this isn’t to be taken as gospel. It’s all possiblities but we love everyone!! (Especially when you bring in cakes….)

Rabia Baig - 3 weeks internship

Hi, my name is Rabia and I have done 3 weeks internship at TLD. Coming to TLD has made my passion in design grow even further. After these 3 weeks at TLD I have gained first-hand experience in what work life is really like and how to work to deadlines but also have fun at the same time by bringing a smile to the team by asking for a cup of tea or helping them out with their work which they have sent to me to do.


As an August baby, I have constantly needed to hustle my way through running a business and celebrating my birthday during a time when many people leave town.

I  generally will not let simple things like “it’s a quiet month” and “we’re going to decide in September” or “let’s wait till after the summer” stop me from making things happen. In fact, August is the perfect month to get those procrastination projects picked up and done, ready for September. And a time to try out new habits.

Oscar Dial

Hi, I’m Oscar, and I worked at TLD for one month. I recommend anyone reading, who is planning to apply for or who is going to work at TLD as an intern, to at least read the tips I have accumulated throughout the internship. It will give you a head start and trust me when I tell you this, anyone who can impresses Keren is worthy. I also think that if you are reading this, you should read the blogs from my fellow previous intern brothers and sisters.