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Why are numbers important in marketing? Here are 6 reasons!

Within each aspect of your business – your marketing, sales, operations, team, IT and accounting – paying attention to numbers brings ultimate rewards.
We are focused on marketing here at Top Left Design, and through the design work we create, and social media and content marketing advice we give, we see the magic in the numbers.

Here are 6 ways to use numbers to help your business sales and marketing success:

1. Stats in infographics
With Pinterest and Instagram’s incredible increase in popularity it’s now becoming evident that people are visual and they learn visually. Another incredibly popular way for us to share and communicate information s via infographics – have a look at the Pinterest board we created here to see some examples.
2. Numbers In your blog headlines
We love headlines with numbers in them. These posts are often the most popular ones and the most highly shared. It may be because in our crazy busy lives, we see the headline and we know what the commitment will be – “12 ways to engage your website visitors” or “6 reasons why the Avengers will always beat the Incredibles” or even “101 ways to increase productivity at work” will cause us to feel curious and at the same time reassure us that we know what we would get if we clicked on that link to that blog post.
3. Numbers for goal setting
Whether you are planning your blog posts, frequency of tweets, deciding on your networking strategy, or aiming to make a certain number of follow up calls, numbers are a crucial part of your sales and marketing success. Aiming to achieve a certain number within any of your marketing activities gives you clarity in your mind of what you need to do, allows you to keep focused, and let’s you measure the results so you can learn what works for you. Here are 36 ideas to inspire you to be more productive than you ever thought possible.
4. Numbers to measure your traffic and social media interaction
Watching the numbers allows you to see how you are doing compared to before – it may be a vanity thing but people do pay attention to how many Twitter followers people have, and they are curious about whether they are getting more hits on their websites and on which of their blog posts have gotten the most traffic (for the record, to date our most popular blog post is about Buffer, and the most popular Pinterest board Is the Owls one – people love owls it seems!)
5. Numbers in pricing
There are 4 ways to earn more money in your business: get more clients, sell more stuff to your existing customers, get customers to buy more frequently, and increase your pricing. If you want to grow your business you have to look seriously at these options and decide what you want to do about this. This is one set of numbers you cannot ignore. You also need to look at what the cost of each sale is to you. I recommend a book which I have found really helpful in my business. It’s called “How to Make One Hell of a profit and Still go to Heaven – by Dr John Demartini”. And if you want to just read an article and not a whole book – try this one  4 Ways To Grow Your Business – The 3+1 Tool – by Robert Craven.
6. Numbers in raising of awareness
Increasing your network will mean more people know about you. Let’s say, for arguments sake you have covered the bases – you provide a great product or service, with good value for money, and you represent yourself professionally online, then your next step is to increase awareness – so more people know you. To do this you can use the following:

  • Social media
  • Networking events
  • Running events
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Email marketing

Finding a good rhythm and strategy for any or all of the above will result in more people being aware of how great you are, and more people likely to refer business to you or buy from you!
Hope you find this useful, please let me know in the comments below what you think.

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    Hi Keren
    I have been in touch with you since my first day at BNI somewhere in 2008 and I have always been impressed by your creativity, joy and dedication.
    I get many newsletters from different company but yours is the only one I read.
    Great job
    Nir Shpitzer
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