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What do superheroes have in common with marketing?

I am lucky to know a brilliant VA who has branded herself as “sidekickva” – the concept being that she works with “superheroes” (successful MDs/CEOs/Owner Managers/Business Owners) and helps them take care of their stuff. She is organised and has such incredible attention to detail. We even have a hashtag for her on Twitter – #hawkeye

She further analogised that she is “swooshing her cape” when she helps us out on projects.

And another cool thing – we met on Twitter.

It all got me thinking and drawing analogies (again – I have a habit of this)

So, what do superheroes have in common with marketing? Like all good concepts, it’s simple, and you can follow these 3 steps!

Get a cape

First of all there is the “getting your house in order” – getting your LinkedIn profile updated, thinking about your blog design, key messages, who you are targeting, who you need to appeal to. Creating a design that communicates. And lots of other stuff. This takes time and expertise (which is why people come to us for help!)

Wear a cape

This is it – time to go out in public and let the world see you in all your glory! This is the marketing part of marketing. Putting your messages out there.

This includes:

  • Your email signature
  • Submitting your site to search engines
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Blogging
  • Networking


All very well striding and strutting but as a business person you need to be brave and fly! You get further this way, faster! Knowing you have your cape – and it looks good – should give you the confidence to go out and fly.

This includes:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Going for awards
  • Guest posting and interviews
  • Press opportunities
  • Sharing these on social media
  • Learning and improving your skills
  • Planning and strategising in business

So – what are you waiting for, superheroes? I look forward to seeing the sky filled with all of you, flying in your stretchy colourful outfits! And if you need a sidekick – you know who to call!

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  1. Tanya Rennick

    Ha ha ha! I love this! I would like to go over the list above and by next year but a tick next to each suggestion!

  2. Tamsin Fox-Davies

    Yes, we love that #hawkeye !
    This idea that all your online marketing collatoral is your cape is a good one. Superman just wouldn’t be ready to save the world without his cape and a business isn’t ready to promote themselves without having all their marketing ducks in a row either.

  3. Laura

    brilliant post Keren. Love the analogies! 🙂

  4. Wendy

    I love your analogy if being a super hero – there is something so fantastic about that thought that it makes it seem fun and easy!
    Kids have no problem imagining what they might be and acting those parts. Somehow when we become adults, we can lose that ability to dream and pretend.
    After reading this post I think I will “Act As If” – act as if I am a super hero and my business dreams are coming my way – I know by doing this I will feel more confident and happy…..

  5. Nicola Holden

    What a brilliant analogy Keren. Now to put it into action …!

  6. Karen Haller

    Great analogy Karen.
    Getting my cape by having had my website and blog created by your team. Wearing my cape by getting my trusty Marketing Mentor Tamsin Fox-Davies helping me and now I am flying by doing more speaking engagements, press opportunities pouring in.
    This really does work.

  7. Charlene Hutsebaut

    I love all your points about being a marketing superhero! Some I am doing while others are totally new to me and I will be implementing a few in coming weeks.

  8. superhero cape designer

    Our motto – “Make the customer the superhero of the story.” Clients and consumers alike!
    Love the story and believe this is what sets some marketing professionals apart. In today’s fast paced works of interactive marketing and mobile social media, business owners are looking for more than a song and dance. They need to connect with consumers in ways must traditional media doesn’t offer. Thank you for taking the time to recognize her talents.
    Jody Sigmund – cape designer