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Types of blog posts that make blogging easy

Types of blog posts that make blogging easy

People have different opinions of the types of posts which are most useful, interesting or tweetable. I personally really like “list posts” (eg top tens, best of, collections), as they are easy to process and pass on. They do seem to also get more traffic. Some of our clients ask for our advice with coming up with ideas for what to blog about, which prompted me to put together a list of the types of posts which I believe will make coming up with blogging ideas easier. I have also included examples for each type!

We recommend people blog regularly and consistently, but vary your posts. Choose from the below – and feel free to add your comments/suggestions!

Best-of lists

This is where you have taken the time and collected together a good selection of examples within a certain topic – which you believe are interesting/useful/cool enough to be labelled “top” or “best”!

Examples of “best of” posts

Roundup/Resource Collection

Another collection, but rather than being the top or the best – its simply a useful collection for inspiration, freebies or information.

Lists of tips

Types of blog posts - Lists of tips

These are great because they are simple to come up with. You just decide on a headline – e.g 10 ways to make your improve your memory – and research/write until you come up with 10. If you can come up with only 7, change the headline to say 7 instead!

Examples of tips blog posts


Types of Blog Posts - How Tos

These would be useful step by steps/how to’s for your audience – such as how to fix a bike puncture, or how to sign up for a Facebook fan page, or how to design a cool button in Photoshop.

Examples of “how-to” blog posts


If you have seen a show, movie or a tv show, or if you have attended an event, of it you tried out a new game or weekend experience, you can write a review about this.

Examples of review blog posts

Things you have found

Let’s say you have found a cool video on You Tube and want to tell everyone about it. You can embed this in your blog and write a little intro. These are really quick and easy to do and are still useful to your readers. How else would they have found it?

Examples of blog posts with things people have found


Types of blog posts - Interviews

Of course an interview with a celebrities or a high profile person will get lots of hits, but many people have roles or jobs or lives that are interesting to others. Just think of a person you find interesting, and who you would think the audience would like to know more about. Write a list of questions for them and email them the list, or setup a meeting with them to go through the list and write notes. Then put it together into a Q+A type article.

Examples of interview blog posts

Inspirational Stories

Types of blog posts - Inspirational Stories

These are feel good/happy ending/unusual stories, which of course people like to read about. It’s important with this to include a nice image, either of the subject of the story or something relevant.

Examples of Inspirational story blog posts

  • Man Tattoos 220 Flags on His Body
  • Four-year-old girl lives in cage with crocodiles from birth
  • Eton scholarship for determined east London teenager
  • Alex Tew: Founder of The Million Dollar Homepage

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