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What SEO traffic numbers (vs spend) do our clients have?

Traffic numbers vary, and it can be confusing! How do you know if you’re doing “good” or “bad”? It depends on lots of things to do with your business, but, for perspective, I think it helps to compare with others.
We asked our SEO specialist partner Tom to give us some stats, and asked our talented intern Gabrielle to work on an infographic (below).
NOTE: Small businesses don’t always want to commit a lot of money for SEO work, and we do recommend to start with spending an amount you feel comfortable with, but know that when you spend more money, due to the nature of paid search, you will see better results (if you work with a good SEO specialist, like our SEO partner, Tom!).
We’ve seen many occasions where people start cautious and slowly increase their budget, because they are seeing a return on their investment.
Here’s the final result of our hard work on the infographic!
SEO stats - infographic comparing 4 businesses

If you would like further information about what Toms SEO work involves, check out this post about websites in the world of dance, as well as this post about work out websites.

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