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What's social media should I do myself and what should I get an "expert" to do?

What part of social media should I do myself and what should I get an "expert" to do?

We’ll tell it to you straight.
You can’t just hire someone and then sit back and relax, expecting a good result on your social media. You will need to participate.
In essence, this participation is needed so your social media expert can gather the information they need, and get your approval that they have understood you right.
As long as your expert is really an expert (as per the list below) and they understand you and your company you can have a very active social appearance without having to do too much!

And, if they’re good – and really an expert, they will:

  1. Ask meaningful questions
  2. Establish a pattern of communication that works for you
  3. Create a way for you to easily review and sign off articles and shareable images they create for you
  4. Allow for a transition period where over time, you can allow them to have more autonomy, or bring some of the activities in house, depending on what works best for your business.

I say all this because I know this is how we manage social media for our clients, and we would never be able to do this without the ability to communicate directly with those within our client’s businesses who know it well – who know its reason for being, differentiators, and plans for the future.

Now that we’ve established this hard and fast rule, here is a quick overview list of the other things you can have experts do:

  • Setup of social media channels – profile pictures, banner images, bios and blurbs
  • Setting up of usernames and special URLs for certain channels
  • Copywriting for blog articles, captions and descriptions of uploaded files
  • Designing of images, PowerPoint files, banners, cover sheets, White Papers, ebooks
  • Researching content sources, compiling source lists
  • Creating content calendars
  • Planning focused content for events and campaigns

So, it’s all about finding the right fit with the right social media expert – who can ensure your voice and personality are being conveyed. If you want to talk to us at TLD about how we can possibly fill these expert shoes for you, please get in touch on or fill out our contact form.

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