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Why you should listen to the employee voice

Three reasons why you should listen to your employees

When it comes to re-evaluating your marketing strategy, how often do you involve your employees in the process?
Are you worried that too many opinions will muddy the water, spoil the broth etc? Or what if someone suggests something you just don’t agree with, why risk rocking the boat?
Consider this: Your employees are on the frontline of your business and their impressions of your marketing and whether it actually works or not are a vital indication of the state of health of the organisation. So positive or negative, it’s time to listen!
Here are three reasons why you should listen to employees when it comes to your marketing strategy.

They’re going to have “thoughts” about your online presence

Your business may be innovative and inspirational, but is this showing up in your public image? How does it really look?
A sure fire way of finding out is to ask your employees, they will probably be sitting on a whole load of strong opinions!
Take note of how they react to the website or social channels. Ask them “Do you tell people to look us up?” If they are embarrassed to direct friends and other contacts to your website or social media, that’s a catalyst to really take action! Unless someone makes a point, business owners are often oblivious to how their business looks from the outside. Involving employees in decisions about marketing from the outset is key to ensuring marketing success.

A reinforced company culture

Your employees know better than any outsider about how it is to be in your business. They’ll certainly have a good inkling of what you’re trying to communicate and achieve. Business owners who proactively encourage employee feedback,take advantage of a huge potential – if you’re all working together, your team can play a key role in expanding and building the business.
By making employee feedback part of an overall business plan, employees will feel more valued and key messages will be included in marketing and website strategies. Create open discussions and ask employees to bring their views on the current marketing activity. This provides an invaluable opportunity to combine your voice with the experience of employees – and reinforces a strong company culture that is built on shared values and objectives.

Working together towards one goal

Collaboration seems like an idyllic aspect of any business plan, but by actively involving employees in decision making, you can also start to ask them for help with your marketing. Employees offer resource such as experience and expertise, which can continually enhance the dynamic nature of a company website.
While they may have many other responsibilities, they can help with ideas, insights and stories, share your company posts on social media and contribute to blogs and ebooks.
So what are you waiting for? Make the resolution to become more open with your employees. In turn, this will improve employee morale and reinforce a powerful business culture. Allow that employee voice to be heard!

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