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Is TLD the right choice?

That "Why should we use you?" question

Have you ever been in a situation, where you’re “pitching” or selling your business’s services – and the potential client says: “But why should we use you?”
I’ve had it – many times! It’s cringey, right?
I think so. Almost as bad as “Sell me this pen” or “Tell me about yourself!”
However, in sales, having a snappy answer is definitely handy. It’s usually not expected, and people smile at you when you have it.
I preferred it if the question was rephrased to “Are you the right choice?”
One way to get to the point where it rolls of your tongue is to spend just a bit of well spent time writing as many reasons as you can think of that you’re the right choice.  I wrote the below because someone once asked me to create a document called “Why TLD is Awesome”. And the excercise helped me whenever people asked me that question!
It was easy – I just told the truth!

Is TLD the right choice? Yes! Here are 9 reasons.

  1. You need reassurance. We are still here, after 15 years, with a multitude of happy clients. We have proven ourselves to be a reliable, helpful and friendly company. Our team collectively are easy to get a hold of, we get back to people quickly, and provide proactive, useful advice.
  2. We WANT to do a good job: Our team want to do good work, it’s high in our values. For our own portfolio of work, so we can put our name on it, it’s very important that the sites we do look good and are successful. We want to be able to showcase the work and for our clients to be proud of their websites.
  3. Our designers and coders are truly top of their game You want to know that you have the best people working on your marketing. We ask good questions to get the right brief, present really amazing beautiful designs which take into account your needs, give options, listen to feedback – and our coders make these designs happen online so they are functional, accessible, fast and user friendly and the beauty translates to interactive.
  4. We are used to working with people who have high expectations. Each of our team has worked with a variety of different clients, larger businesses and smaller businesses. We are value driven and make sure that whatever we charge, we manage expectations and deliver more value than expected.
  5. We improve efficiency: We keep up to date with creative ways of using new technology and time saving tools to achieve more interactivity and updatability within blogs and websites and marketing activity.
  6. We are design and usability led, and our technical team follow the requirements we develop with clients. They are managed by experienced designers and project managers so the end result is what is expected and planned for.
  7. We communicate extremely well Following a tried and tested design and creation process and keep clients “in the loop” throughout the course of the project – so they know what is going on at all times. This type of project management is rare as we keep things tightly organised but still understand how your day to day work demands need to be taken into account.
  8. Our reputation is more important to us than anything else, as most of our clients come to us via referral and repeat business – so we make every effort to provide a superb service and an easy experience. And we’re not pushy. People can be sensitive if they feel that someone is criticising their marketing or website, and sometimes aren’t ready to admit that they need to improve it. We allow people to come to the conclusions – that it is time for a change.
  9. We are experts in social media, blogging and content marketing and this has come from years of active usage in a B2B world – and lots of reading, testing, learning, teaching and working with hundreds of clients. We can come up with unique ideas and provide training for helping you market your organisation. We show you ways that are cost effective and simple to do yourselves – or with the help of your team, or ours.

Well – that was big, huh? I’d love to hear yours – seriously, I will read it. You can send me a message by email and attach a document or just put it all in the email. I am looking forward to reading it!
[Picture credit: Bethan Mooney]

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