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Social media in film - case study - Frozen on Facebook

Social media in film: Case Study 1: Frozen on Facebook

We are film lovers and social media lovers so I thought to do a few deeper studies on how individual films are represented on social media platforms.
Facebook is definitely the most widespread platform to stay in touch with fans even years after a film premiere. It’s interesting to see how an animated movie which is dedicated to kids uses social media on a platfor which has a lower age limit – Facebook. Disney’s Frozen is the most successful animated movie ever.

Even though it is aimed at kids, it won hearts of adults as well, and looking at the number of likes on FB – at the time of this post, more then 22 million.
The profile is very active as the content is uploaded almost daily indicating it’s a valuable franchise and worth the effort – to be expected.
I do like to look at the excellent examples and I know that this sort of activity is NOT a full time job, if done correctly, with content buckets, batched tasks, and scheduling. But the how I will leave for another time, and meanwhile lets look at the result:
The content variety includes:

  • Easy quiz questions re-directing you to the “Oh My Disney” blog (which features mixed content about many Disney films
  • Funny description of the characters with own pictures
  • Stories and interviews about the movie/songs makers
  • Famous quotes from the movie
  • Moments related to story (i. e. break-up, winter wedding) are used in real life situations and suggestions of how to deal with that (again usually redirecting to blog)
  • Promotion of related upcoming Frozen & Disney projects such as Disney on Ice
  • Behind the scenes stories & pictures
  • You can listen to songs and then purchase the soundtrack or each song from iTunes
  • Video in the “About” area includes the song “Love is an open door” – which is also a post – but with real live actors in their senior years – bringing nostalgia into the mix!
  • In video “About” is used “Disney + Pandora” both pointing out the LOVE & SENTIMENT


The strong points:

Variety: There is a good variety in the types of posts used and usually you will not find similar content in two posts following after each other.
Audience: While the movie is meant to be aimed at children, the number of likes, comments and shares shows the broad appeal.
Emotions: The strategy overall seems to be very engaging – to bring emotions into posts, especially love, joy or fun.

We can always learn from Disney

Disney is global brand and you can see that company takes care about engagement with their followers on Facebook site. The different types of activity lead you to check the profile regularly as there can be always something you may be interested in. New content ideas make you bonded with Frozen long after you saw the movie. They use their own pictures and videos which make the page even more attractive for fans – who will appreciate more original content.

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