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TLD in the press - April 2018

Press update: Trends in social media, Instagram for business and the extinction of the digital dinousaur

Can you believe it’s April already? This year is flying by!

I have been busy contributing articles to lots of business and marketing publications so it’s time to take a look at where we’ve featured in the press this year so far!

2018 trends

The world of advertising and marketing is in a state of change and is constantly shaped by what content your customers and prospects are reacting to. One of the biggest booms in digital marketing trends has been Instagram Stories, which has fast become an essential tool for influencers and brands to communicate with their audiences. It allows people to see a ‘less polished’ side to businesses which assists in creating a great online persona.
You can read more about what trends are in store for advertising and marketing this year featuring comment from in Creativepool’s article: Ad Trends 2018: An uncertain industry in a state of flux

With the industry constantly evolving, it’s essential that brands – both B2C and B2B – take a look at their marketing strategies and see where they can develop them further. Although B2B and B2C seem worlds apart, there’s actually quite a bit that B2B can learn from the world of consumer marketing. You can read more about this on Just Entrepreneurs.

Social Media

Instagram is becoming a huge part of social media strategies – people love visual content so it’s no surprise that the platform has boomed. But how should you tackle Instagram if you are a B2B brand?

  1. Plan for consistent activity
  2. Get everyone on board
  3. Understand evergreen content to be spontaneous
  4. Create “content buckets”
  5. Embrace stories

Read more about the dos and don’ts of Instagram in my article on
Whilst we’re chatting about social media, check out my article on Socialnomics about why I think that you shouldn’t restrict social media use at work.

Business tips

We’ve had lots of articles published in business press sharing my top tips for business owners and fellow entrepreneurs. First things first, you’ve got a client who keeps ignoring your calls and your emails, so what should you do? Find out on

Are you always saying yes to reduced prices and new clients that might be a little outside your speciality? Have you ever thought that you might damage your business by always saying yes? I explain how to say no in business for

As an entrepreneur, it can sometimes feel like you are battling the world of business alone, especially if you are in the creative industry. Here are five ways that creative entrepreneurs can keep motivated.

Digital marketing

If you’re reading this blog, hopefully you are engaged in digital marketing in some way or another and that you believe in the power of marketing! However, you might know someone who needs some convincing. There’s no nice way of putting it – it’s time to stop being a digital dinosaur and bring your business into the 21st Century. Read my article on CXM – ‘The Age of the Digital Dinosaur is Over.’

Digital marketing isn’t just about awareness, it’s one of the key ways you can grow your contacts. And contacts mean prospects and connections that could lead to business opportunities in the future. I shares her dos and don’ts on BQ Live.

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