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Facebook growth for business

Easy ways to get your small business noticed on Facebook

In today’s society, where consumers spend increasing time on social media and often get their news and buying inspiration from it, companies of all shapes and sizes need to embrace these platforms.

The most popular platform in the world currently, with more than 2.89 million active users, is Facebook, and as such, no business can afford to overlook it.

While there are now many newer platforms out there, such as TikTok and SnapChat, Facebook has stood the test of time. If your small business wants to get itself noticed on Facebook, then keep reading for some practical tips.

Learn more about Facebook

If you’re not experienced in using Facebook, then you need to get to know the platform before you incorporate it into your business marketing strategy. As such, you should explore the website and check out the unique functions and features that it has to offer for small businesses like yours. As well as the option to produce organic content, you can also advertise on Facebook, so learn about the paid ads that the site has to offer and explore all of the options when devising a Facebook marketing strategy.

Collaborate with an experienced growth marketing agency

Learning all about Facebook and dedicating time to your profile can be a challenge to many small business leaders. If you don’t have the time and expertise in-house to manage a successful Facebook marketing campaign and generate quality leads for your small business, then you could consider outsourcing this task. The growth marketing agency Got Legs Digital are a worthy choice here as they specialise in running Facebook marketing campaigns that drive clients towards growth. As such, you can use their services to save your business time and still get it noticed on this popular social media site.

Check out trending stories

Competitor research is vital in every aspect of running your business, and Facebook marketing is no different. As well as checking out the Facebook pages of your competitors’ businesses, you should also check out trending stories in your niche. These stories often get picked up by news outlets and can sometimes transcend Facebook and spread to other social media platforms and media sites, so you could potentially earn a lot of publicity if you can get your posts or stories trending. By checking out the stories that are trending on Facebook currently, you can emulate them and improve your business’s chances of getting noticed on Facebook and across the internet.

Don’t just offer one type of content

Facebook allows users and pages to post a range of different types of content, including written posts, videos, images and GIFs. Users enjoy a variety of content, particularly videos and images, that are easy to review and will catch the eye when they’re scrolling quickly through their Facebook feed. So, when you’re planning your business’s Facebook content, you should consider using a variety of different content types to keep your followers interested.

Remain flexible

The social media market is constantly evolving, and new platforms get launched often. Trends and consumer preferences change regularly, so you need to make sure that you stay up to date with the latest insights on social media usage. You also need to be aware of the popularity of each platform among your target demographic so that you can ensure that you continue to invest your advertising and social media marketing budget wisely. Facebook has recently faced a number of scandals, and while the platform has weathered these storms so far, in the future, it might not be so lucky. As such, you need to make sure that your small business remains flexible and ready to reduce its spend on the platform if it falls out of favour over the coming months.

Photo credit: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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