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What can the property learn from the entertainment industry?

Three marketing lessons the property industry can learn from the entertainment world

At Top Left Design, we work with clients across a whole range of different sectors and see a range of different marketing skills that are unique to specific industries. This got us thinking – what if they could teach each other something?
The property and entertainment industries might seem worlds apart, but the property industry could actually learn a thing or two from the entertainment industry when it comes to marketing.

Dynamic content

 Any marketing campaign should include a variety of content – social media, for example, as well as blog posts, case studies and videos. Dynamic content like videos increases social media engagement and according to this  survey, four times as many customers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it. The entertainment industry lends itself to sharing video content, but it’s possible for the property industry to get on board with this too. Virtual tours of new developments or recently available houses will get people excited and create a buzz. You can interview the people involved and share these stories online. All of this, when shared online, will keep you in the minds of your followers and contacts – so they think of you when they need your services.

“The big reveal”

 If there is one thing that the entertainment industry is best at, it is creating hype behind the next big release. Often, this hype is created years in advance! Teaser trailers, posters, release dates are all drip fed to the audience to get them excited for what’s to come.
Taking the same approach to property, drip feeding and teasing new developments to your audience will get people talking about your brand. Throughout any development, which can take months or years, you can show the work in progress and talk about and reveal what’s been done and what’s the next steps.

 Create an experience

 The entertainment industry can create immersive experiences from its marketing campaigns alone. With technologies such as virtual reality becoming increasingly accessible, the property industry could be using this to its advantage in order to give potential customers a better idea of what their new home might look like.
In addition, with a little bit of equipment setup, you can do timelapse movies showing a development coming together, just like they do on TV! You can do property tours on video, as if you’re showing someone around, and talk about the development. You can also have drones with cameras fly through the development to show a birds eye view. And you can do 3D fly throughs on the rendered plans.
Could we help you market your property business more effectively – and want help planning and scripting your marketing? Of course we can! Just get in touch and we can have an informal chat!

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  1. Matt Turner

    Great article Keren, what you say is so true. My sole video re property tips on instrgram got many more hits than a stand alone photo. You have reminded me to do more. Thank you