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Make My Lunch – best thing since sliced bread

Make My Lunch - best thing since sliced bread

We have an internal policy here in the office. A very good internal policy. One that involves food, and people making it for you!

Every couple of weeks (or sooner, depending on our organisational skills) one member of the team sweats over a hot stove (or shopping basket), slaving away to produce a meal for the rest of the team that won’t cause others to recoil back with the horrors. So far so good!

The first MML experience for me was a terrifying ordeal. I stressed for about a week, being the newbie, not wanting to disappoint (Cue Keren in true Alan Sugar style: “WHAT! You made THAT.. You’re FIRED!) Of course, that never happened, Keren’s far too wonderful! And the meal wasn’t a total flop. And having been here for a while now the experience of cooking for others is nowhere near as bad as what I first made it out to be in my head.

Recipe for success

A quick breakdown of the latest meals (bear in mind this has been going on for a while, but as I have the glorious task of writing this, we’ll start from when I arrived! Writer’s prerogative!):
First up was me, with cheesy stuffed baked potatoes and a warm rocket salad, followed by custom-made TLD cupcakes (for those that don’t know, cupcakes are a sure-fire winner in the office here – sneaky tactics if the meal flopped!)

Then came Michael, with a summery Mediterranean spread perfect for a warm day. Pita bread, hoummus, fresh salad, rocket, olives, cheese.. yum! Can’t go wrong there! Followed by Banoffee Pie (my first ever – sad, I know, but am now a convert!

Next up was Keren, who, after telling us that she doesn’t cook, produced a delicious stack of quesadillas AND homemade guacamole. She has officially ruined guacamole for me – have not been able to find a decent shop-bought replacement since. It was that good. This was accompanied by a tomato and garlic salad (loads of garlic, apparently it’s good for you!) – felt rather sorry for any clients we had to meet that day! This was all followed by a Swedish dessert. The name evades me but I know it was REALLY good!

Fourth on the list was me again, with a Thai Malay curry type thingy (don’t ask) and basmati rice, topped with fresh coriander, and accompanied by a rocket salad. Curry wasn’t too shabby, can’t say much for the rice though! Dessert was a quick dash to Lola’s in Selfridges for some Red Velvet cupcakes (they come highly recommended!).

Tina was next in the kitchen, making us bowlfuls of really yummy nachos, proper finger food. Was all hands in, no FHB in this office (For those of you not in the know, FHB means ‘Family Hold Back’ – when everyone is being too polite to get properly stuck in). Although we did observe some form of civility and use a spoon to dish up! We were then treated to strawberry and marshmallow kebabs that had been smothered in chocolate. If you have never tried this do yourself a favour and do so! So simple yet sooo good (drool).

Michael then stepped up to the plate (haha…) with a Veggie Pasta Bake (packed with all the good stuff, and positively oozing melted cheese!) This was served with a side of fresh crusty bread and butter. Real proper comfort food! We could smell fresh basil wafting through from the kitchen whilst it was cooking – pure torture when your stomach is grumbling for food!

That, folks, is a full run down of our meals up until now (the last meal was on Monday June 14th). Sadly, we have yet to diarise more dates for MML, but I am working on it as we speak! Keren.. Oh KE-E-ERENNNNN…?

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