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How do we make our website more engaging and interactive?

Want to make your website more "engaging" and "interactive"? Here are 4 ways!

“Make your website engaging” and “Make your website interactive” is advice we hear a lot.
But if you throw your hands up plaintively, asking the next question – “but how?”, people don’t always give you a straight answer, do they!

What does that even MEAN?

It’s not about whizzy animations or spinning logos, we know that. And when it comes to interactivity, websites by their very nature ARE interactive. They allow you a selection of different links to click on and you choose your own path. You are in control of your own journey, and therefore, by definition, it’s interactive. Engagement-wise – friendly text and a human factor are definitely ways to connect with your website visitors. You want them to feel like they are getting to know you as a business.
We are all about the practical action tips here, so here’s 4 ways you may have thought of or not thought of which will go beyond the basics in terms of interactivity and engagement. Here goes!

4 ways to make your website more engaging and interactive.

Add professional video contentSee this “Whiteboard Friday” example on Distilled’s website (note it’s a video in a blog post and has transcription – good for SEO and for people wanting to read the information), or look at our featured video, just another way to show what kind of a company we are! Lighting, sound, and editing do matter!

Advanced tip: Opting for an AI-modulated voice generator tool will help you create videos in many languages. It will also help you to select the tone and emphasis that will further boost your engagement.

Get your own pictures taken for your team page – A website that shows your people over one that keeps people faceless will always win. And get these taken professionally. The added investment in professional pictures, taken by a photographer who WILL make you photogenic will mean your visitors will get to satisfy some of their curiosity, your team will have up to date great pictures and your team page will be one of the most popular on your website.
White papers – You could be writing insightful long-form content that people can get if they leave their details. Yes, this takes time and work, but it’s definitely a way to keep people interested. If they spend 10 minutes reading your white paper, that’s longer than most people spend on business websites in total. Before making these, ask yourselves: What is our purpose? To be seen as experts? For new business? To make your clients follow instructions? Think about how creating this content aligns with your business goals, and prioritise accordingly.
Go responsive – Now we are not saying that PCs are a thing of the past, but more and more people are accessing websites via their tablets and phones today. Waiting for a doctor’s appointment? Do you pick up a very dated magazine, or do you jump on your phone and start scanning articles and websites? I know it’s the latter, and you probably do too. An inaccessible, difficult-to-navigate website will put those users off immediately. Without a responsive site you are only doing your website and company a disfavour.
These are just a few ideas.

If you would like to find out how to make your website more engaging and interactive get in touch and we can help you out!

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