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At last! A screencast for how to change the "vanity URL" on your LinkedIn profile

It’s been a long time coming

I finally did the screencast for how to change the vanity url on your LinkedIn profile. It really bugs me when I see so many people on LinkedIn where they haven’t done it. It’s very easy to do (2 mins) but it’s not THAT obvious or straightforward on LinkedIn.
You may have already done this, in which case all you need to share this video to those you know who need it.I am going to show you how to change your VANITY URL.

What is a vanity URL?

This is the direct link to your LinkedIn profile. It is also known as the “Professional Profile URL”. It is the link you could share by email if you wanted to direct someone to your LinkedIn profile.
By default this shows up quite messy. bunch of funny numbers, like this example here.
But you can easily change it!
Here’s how:
Under Edit Profile click the “edit” button next to the URL.
Mine is already nice and neat but yours might look like the other example I show in the video and be a big mess of numbers.
So, you click on Edit and then, strangely it seems to have disappeared. This is the “not so straightforward” part of LinkedIn. You need to look over on the right, under the tick boxes.
There is the bit that says “Customise your public profile URL”.
Click on that and you will see a popup window. That is where you type in your name, all lower case, or if that’s taken, some combination of your name and what you do. Watch the video and see my demo!

That’s it. Now your Vanity URL is done on your LinkedIn Profile you can be proud that your LinkedIn profile has a nice neat url.

  1. Your email signature
  2. Your website
  3. Your business card
  4. Your newsletter

Hope you enjoyed that, please send me a message on LinkedIn or email me at with any questions.

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